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02 March, 2008

VCUQatar launches Tasmeem 2008

VCUQatar in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs launched the international design conference Tasmeem Doha 2008. The conference, which is open to the public, is entitled 'Design at the Cross Roads: The Intersection of Change and the Future' and will take place at VCUQatar from March 3-6 2008.

New to the conference this year are lunchtime presentations. The presentations will take place each day of the conference at 12.15. Participants will have time to get lunch beforehand, but refreshments and light snacks will also be served.

Doodle, the newly inaugurated student club, will hold its first event on the first day of the conference. VCUQatar students will also display their work in the fields of graphic, interior and fashion design.

Zelda Harrison, the president of the board of AIGA Centre for Cross-Culture Design, will give a presentation on the history and mission of the centre. She will also lead a discussion on possible collaborations between VCUQatar and AIGA.

On the final day of the conference, Ahmed Bin Shabib publisher of Brownbook, will give a presentation on the Dubai-based design and lifestyle magazine.

"This year in Tasmeem we have improved the format to include lunchtime presentations highlighting Doodle a VCUQatar Student Club, the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and Brownbook magazine. We feel that with the inclusion of the lunchtime presentations a well rounded schedule is provided to the attendees,"said Donna Duffett Events Project Manager

Each afternoon of the conference, the chair of VCUQatar's graphic design department, Muneera Spence, will moderate a discussion with the day's presenters. Questions will be taken from the audience during the discussions. The conversations will expand upon the topics and issues discussed in the day's presentations.

Last year VCUQatar instituted a pre-conference workshop for students, led by conference presenters, to address design problems in Qatar. This year there will be groups of students, from universities in Education City and worldwide, working with design professionals and conference speakers to address the issue of navigation and "wayfinding" in Doha and Qatar.

"The topic applies not only to finding one's way around town but also to the culture and history of this rapidly changing country."added Nancy Fawley Committee Chair, Tasmeem Doha 2008.

The task is to present problems and solutions that are connected to the issues facing the diverse population of Doha. Each group will provide individual recommendations and a way finding design approach that considers sense of understanding and identity through navigation.

The students along with the charrette leaders have two and a half days to develop a solution.