19 November 2008

VCUQatar Marks an Era with Publication

The Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar concluded its year long festivities marking ten years of Excellence in Design Education by releasing the publication “Leaving a Mark.” The unique publication tells the story of how Her Highness Sheikha Mozah’s vision was transformed into the reality in 1998. In the publication the Message from Her Highness shares the vision of Education City. The partnership between Qatar Foundation and Virginia Commonwealth University is very special.

Excerpts from Her Highness message in the publication state, “when you opened your doors in 1998, VCUQatar became the first university established under the Foundation so, in many ways, your university is one of the cornerstones of our growing campus.  We invited VCUQatar over ten years ago because of your reputation as a premier university in the United States and you have maintained and fortified this reputation over time.  This year US News and World Report gave your School of the Arts the highest ranking ever achieved by a public university of arts and design. We are proud to have VCU in our QF family….There is a strong correlation between the field of design and the Qatar Foundation’s vision for the future.  Designers of all disciplines have certain common characteristics.  Whether the objective is to create an article of clothing, a corporate logo or an innovative center of educational excellence, we all find inspiration in our rich history and traditions as well as our hopes and dreams for tomorrow.  Together, Qatar Foundation and VCUQatar are designing a future that is firmly rooted in our past…..Today as we celebrate the first 10 years of your renowned university and seven classes of graduates, we have irrefutable proof that VCUQatar is not only helping students develop their individual talents and potential- you are also teaching them how to leave their mark on the world around them.  Congratulations to the VCUQatar leadership , faculty staff and students and the best wishes for your second decade of success.”

According to Dr. Fathy Saoud , “the search began for institutions which had schools that were top in their field because we had to bring the best of the best to nurture and sustain this unique project. We are proud that never before have there been top-tier universities in such partnership anywhere in the world.”  

In his message to the readers Dr. Eugene Trani, President of the Virginia Commonwealth University wrote, “Our alumni are making names for themselves and for the VCUQatar in all manner of ways, by being involved in projects of great significance to Qatar such as the Qatar Armed Forces uniform design, the Museum of Islamic Art, the new Cultural Village. The success of the International Design Conference and the Islamic Art Symposium are establishing VCUQatar as a leader in its field.  The previous decade has exceeded our expectations and I anticipate no less for the future.

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