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17 March, 2010

VCUQatar Participates in Qatar Career Fair 2010

VCUQatar participated in Qatar Career Fair 2010, the official career fair of the State of Qatar, from 14 to 18 March 2010 at the Qatar International Exhibition Center.

Through its participation in QCF 2010, VCUQatar educated Qatari students about the various opportunities in design and how design in Qatar today is facilitating the innovation process be it in business, fashion, architecture, advertising and other media. VCUQatar handed out information on the university’s interdisciplinary MFA in design studies which is targeted at everybody with a passion for revolutionary design be they engineers, doctors or artists, as long as they bring with them a meaningful vision about design in the world and see themselves expanding and applying that vision.

VCUQatar also promoted the IHPE (International Heritage Photographic Experience) Qatar 2010 contest that is open to all students under the ages of 21 and is aimed at promoting Qatar's rich heritage through creative photographs taken by the youth in the country so that they discover Qatar's monumental heritage and learn to value it and love it. Qatar received 147 creative shots with two being selected by the jury for submission in the 2009 IHPE catalogue. The winning entries were from VCUQatar students Asma Al Thani, who focused on a worn-out mud house in the old town of Abu Thloof and Esra Abduljawad, who captured the iconic Al-Zubarah Fort. VCUQatar will again host an exhibition of this year’s winning entries in September 2010.

The aim of QCF 2010 was not just to provide job opportunities to Qataris but also make them aware of the other opportunities available in the market in training and development in the different business sectors. VCUQatar continues playing a central role in the contemporary business and cultural life of Qataris and Middle Easterners in the realm of design. VCUQatar graduates work in various positions in the government and ministries in Qatar and in the private sector and many have also gone on to successfully establish their own businesses.

VCUQatar has participated in QCF since its inception and the response its participation has garnered has been immense. The university continues to support the design community in Qatar through the many gallery exhibitions, international conferences, lecture series, field studies, world-class fashion shows and workshops with visiting delegates presented each year, and hopes to carry on playing a key role in supporting the development of Qatar. VCUQatar’s events calendar for the semester was distributed at QCF.

Qatar Career Fair 2010, organized under the aegis of Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, the Amiri Diwan, Qatar Petroleum and the Ministry of Labour, took place between 14 and 18 March and had a series of educational workshops and activities being conducted during the event. The event also acted as a platform for professional establishments and businesses to present their expertise to the youth of Qatar.