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25 June, 2010

VCUQatar Students Donate Funds to Qatar Cancer Society

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar held two events recently – the Health Fair and An Evening of Elegance - from which proceeds were donated to the Qatar Cancer Society.

An Evening of Elegance was organized by the Qatari Student Club, whose president Sara Marwan Al Qatami, a rising graphic design senior, came up with the idea of organizing a gala dinner to support Think Pink Qatar. “They are a very young organization,” said Valerie Jeremijenko, assistant dean for Student Affairs, “and this was their first fund raising event.” The funds raised during the Health Fair, organized by Student Affairs with support from Human Resources at VCUQatar, came from a game where staff and students had to guess the number of almonds in a vase. The winner was awarded a gift voucher from Dados Spa. Ms. Jeremijenko added, “It is exciting to see students so committed to the cause of breast cancer and putting so much effort in raising funds for this noteworthy cause.”

Ms Jeremijenko and Carmen Innocenti, student counselor at VCUQatar, presented the check to Mr. Mohammed Jaber Al Sulaiti, the general coordinator for the Qatar National Cancer Society at VCUQatar. On behalf of the Society, Mr. Al Sulaiti and Susan Al Banna thanked VCUQatar and Qatar Foundation for all their support for people with cancer. “Many people can’t afford to pay even QR30 for medicine that they need,” said Mr. Al Sulaiti. “The Qatar National Cancer Society not only raises funds for expatriates needing treatment, we also create awareness about cancer, especially among Arab women, who unlike women in the West, don’t know much about cancer,” he added.

Think Pink Qatar’s mission and vision is to act as a liaison providing resources and support to women throughout Qatar by connecting them with essential resources that lead to proper medical treatment, support, and humanitarian services that ensure each woman is treated with the utmost respect and dignity regardless of race, creed, nationality, or position. The Qatar Cancer Society is a national society whose main objective is to control cancer through public awareness, contribution in cleaning the environment and cooperation with the health authorities via bulletins, booklets, conferences, lectures and research studies. The Society was formed in 1997 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, who is also the honorary president.

“70% of the cancer can be avoided and controlled by preventive measures, but nevertheless many citizens and residents die every year because they don’t know much about cancer or are afraid to speak about it,” said Mr. Al Sulaiti. He also extended an invitation to the general public to participate in the Walk for Life on October 30 at 5pm, on the Doha Corniche, an event organized specifically for Think Pink.

Ms. Linda Carter, director of Human Resources at VCUQatar said it was a pleasure for HR to participate in a fund raising activity in an area that is so critical and sensitive. “In every person’s lifetime they will be faced with someone who is a victim and we will continue to support activities that help create awareness,” she said. Ms. Innocenti concluded saying, “Student Affairs at VCUQatar has many students participating in helping the Society. We hope to build on our relationship and continue to find new ways to get more students involved as we look forward to supporting many more initiatives of this kind.”

Carmen Innocenti, Mohammed Al Sulaiti and Valerie Jeremijenko

Carmen Innocenti presenting a token of appreciation to Mohammed Al Sulaiti on behalf of VCUQatar