26 February 2009

VCUQatar’s Assistant Professor, Muqeem Khan and students present at Pecha Kucha Night Doha Volume 2

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s Assistant Professor in Graphic and Interior Design, Muqeem Khan and students, Angela Guy, Reem Al-Hajri and Maryam Al-Homaid made presentations of their creative work at Pecha Kucha Night Doha Volume 2 on 25 February, 2009 at the Waqif Art Center.

Muqeem Khan’s presentation entitled Thinking with Virtualization was inspired by how emerging technologies can be manipulated and molded by designers and artists to create imaginative and innovative concepts. “The challenge was that each presentation was limited to six minutes and 40 seconds. This fast format is very interactive and inspirational as it involves less talk and more show,” said Mr. Khan. His previous work, while as a visual effects artist with Walt Disney and Square USA, working on films Deep Rising, George of the Jungle, Flubber, Armageddon and Final Fantasy, was also presented here as was the animated medallion for Mousharaka, the design conference VCUQatar is currently hosting in partnership with Icograda.

VCUQatar students made a joint presentation of their works entitled Figures to Faces (Angela Guy), Finding Your Inner Peace (Reem Al-Hajri) and Art Campaign – Creativity Illumination (Maryam Al-Homaid), each of their presentations lasting slightly over two minutes.

Volume 2 of Pecha Kucha Doha, hosted at the Waqif Art Center, drew large crowds of design-savvy individuals who were anxious to hear fresh and creative ideas and concepts. Organizers received numerous entries for PK2 and the final 12 were selected by three panelists - Ahmad Chouman, Halim Choueiry and Maya Saikali – celebrated designers in their respective fields.

Doha is the third city in the Middle East to offer the event, alongside Dubai and Beirut. Mr. Chouman, who was also the event moderator, was very happy with the level of participants and looked forward to receiving more creative and original presentations from residents in subsequent volumes.

Mr. Khan said it was fun to be around so many creative minds. “These kinds of events where we are invited to interact and share ideas with the design community are becoming a mandatory aspect of this society,” he added. He was especially happy to receive queries after his presentation, about VCUQatar and how the university was involved in the creative industry.

Muqeem Khan has a Master of Arts in Industrial Design in 1996 with specialization in computer graphics and animation from Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design (ACCAD) and Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication at Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio. His research interests include teaching methodologies, collaborative activity across multiple disciplines and computer graphic tools for artists and designers. He has presented his research in conferences such as 'Hawaii Int. Conference on Arts and Humanities' in Honolulu, 'Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities' in Virginia, 'ACM Graphite' in Singapore, 'Information Visualization' in London, Int. Conference on Education in Honolulu, Virtuality and VIEW Conferences in Turin and 'Computers in Education' in Auckland. Mr. Khan is a member of the Editorial Board for “Design Behaviors”, an international design journal for qualitative and quantitative research in design by the College of Design, Hanyang University and Design Research & Education Lab, Korea. He is also a member of technical committee, IASTED, The International Association of Science and Technology Development, Alberta, Canada. Mr. Khan has been working as Assistant Professor of Graphic and Interior Design at VCUQatar since June 2006.

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