13 April 2009

VCUQatar’s English Students to Read Poetry at Waqif Art Center

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s English students will be reading poetry mostly by Arab and Middle Eastern women at the Waqif Art Center on 15 April at 6:30 PM. The reading is open to the public and lasts one hour.

The English course, ‘Readings in Literature: Women in Poetry’ is taught by Diana Woodcock, Assistant Professor of English who said, “Although many students were familiar with poetry from family or elementary/high school exposure, this course at VCUQatar is their first time to spend an entire semester reading and discussing it.” 

15 students - Abeer Khamis Al Kubaisi, Asmaa Yousuf Al-Jaber, Daleen Munther Al Khatib, Erica Virvo, Fatma Hilal Cilsal, Hadeer Samir Omar, Noor A-Rahman Al-Thani,

Roda Mohamed Al-Maadheed, Sabrina Christensen, Sahwa Awad ElNakhli, Sali Nabil Qubrosi, Samreen Zahra, Sara Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Sara Mohamed El-Moughny and

Sara Nabil Qubrosi - will be reading favorite poems that they have been introduced to this semester. “I have asked them to choose poets from their own countries.  Since most of them are Arab or Middle Eastern, most of the poems will come from this region,” added Ms. Woodcock.  All of the poems read are by women poets from antiquity to the present. Some students will read poems in Arabic, then in English translation.  The students are a mix of seniors, juniors and sophomores.

Doing a poetry reading at the Waqif Art Center was suggested by Valerie Jeremijenko,

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at VCUQatar, who thought it would be a wonderful community outreach project for the students. The students also have been involved in designing the posters and programs for the event.

The VCUQatar sponsored poetry reading starts at 6:30 PM at the Waqif Art Center on 15 April and lasts one hour. The reading is open to the public.

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