Graphic Designer (Digital Communication & PR Startup)

Note: still accepting applications


A digital communication and PR company to handle companies’ social/digital accounts and needs, from comprehensive marketing campaigns to creating simple advertisements posts. This is a project-based position.

Essential Functions

  • Work within our high-volume graphic design team to produce a large quantity of quality creative work
  • Utilize project management software to effectively complete several small scale projects a day
  • Build creative that is able to scale across dozens to hundreds of clients in the form of monthly templates for website banners, Instagram & Google Ads, bellow-the-line, etc.
  • Maintain strict brand standards across several brands
  • Create eye-catching graphics and engaging designs that fit within brand guidelines
  • Maintain an organized library of files
  • Be an engaged part of a cohesive and creative team

Application Details

  • Requirements: CV and portfolio.
  • How to apply: Email Career Services Coordinator, Noor H. AlOraidi, to advise you on the application process.