Dr. Khaled Saoud

Professor, Physics


+974 4402 0617
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Physics, Mathematics, Materials Science, Nanotechnology


  • PhD Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MS Virginia Commonwealth University
  • BS Yarmouk University


Dr. Saoud’s professional development is characterized by a combination of industrial and academic experience within the field of Nanotechnology. Dr. Saoud’s contribution exemplifies a consistent effort in utilizing Nanomaterials to solve different problems within the energy, health, and environmental domain. He has over 17 years of research, industrial, and teaching experience, including his previous industrial positions at major American companies such as Philip Morris USA, Intel Corporation, and Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. He has been working in the field of nanotechnology since 1998.

The focus of his research activities is fundamental aspects of material’s behavior at the Nanoscale, structure-application relationship, energy transport, conversion, storage, and the application of nanotechnology towards the development of novel materials and/or systems for various applications such as catalysts for energy and environmental applications. He has established several unique global research collaboration models between academia and industry with research funds exceeding one million dollars during the past seven years. He holds several US patents and a large number of scientific publications in form of peer reviewed journals, conference papers, keynote and invited and conference presentations.

He chaired a major international conference in nanotechnology and recently, he was invited by Arab League as an expert to start the nanotechnology initiative in the Arab world. The scholarship of his research activities has been recognized by awards from Qatar Foundation, Philip Morris USA, and Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. His most recent awards include; Nanotech Dubai 2015 Distinguished Scientist Award (2015), Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar Faculty Achievement Award in research (2014), Qatar Annual Research conference “ARC13” Health research Posters award (Nov, 2013), Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar Faculty Achievement Award in teaching (2009), and Philip Morris USA PhD Research award Grant (2001-2004)

Research Interests

Dr Saoud’s research focuses in general on the synthesis, characterization and multiple applications of nanoscale materials. The major fields of science that are relevant to his work include nanotechnology, nanocatalysts, and nanoparticle systems of metals, metal alloys, nanoparticle/polymer hybrid nanostructures, and metal oxides. His research is involved in the sized controlled synthesis of nanomaterials, their detailed characterization and investigation of size dependent changes in the properties of these materials.

Dr Saoud’s interests are focused on the design and evaluation of catalytic materials for “Future Fuels” synthesis and environmental applications such as investigating a variety of nanocatalysts used in CO Oxidation, Fischer-Tropsch chemistry, sulfur removal, and CO2 decomposition. Nanomaterials support allows more efficient distribution of the catalytic species, his primary focus in this area is to investigate the catalytic mechanism at the nanoscale.


Peer Reviewed Articles:

1.    Lauren S White, Julia Migenda, Xiaonan Gao, Dustin M Clifford, Massimo F Bertino, Khaled M Saoud, Christoph Weidmann, Bernd M Smarsl,. "Synthesis of silicon dioxide, silicon, and silicon carbide mesoporous spheres from polystyrene sphere templates." Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 2, (2015): 1-10.
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7.    Saoud, K. M.; Saleh, N. B.; Alsoubaihi, R. M.“Synthesis and Characterization of Ag/ZnO Visible Light Photocatalyst” Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 7, (2013) :415–423.

Book Chapter:

8.    Saoud, Khaled M., et al. "Microwave Assisted Preparation of Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Hydroxide Nanoparticles and Their Application for Conservation of Cultural Heritage." In Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection, 342-52: Springer International Publishing, 2014.
9.    Alfeeli, Bassam, Tariq  Mohiuddin, and Khaled Saoud. "Current Status of Nanotechnology in Arab Gulf States, ." In Conference: 12th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO). Birmingham, ENGLAND, 2012.
10.    Abdelsayed, V., G. Glaspell, K. Saoud, M. Meot‐Ner, and M. Samy El‐Shall. N.O. (2006) "Nanoparticles in astrochemistry: synthesis and characterization of meteorite dust nanoparticles." In ASTROCHEMISTRY: From Laboratory Studies to Astronomical Observations, vol. 855, no. 1, pp. 76-85. AIP Publishing, 2006.

Patents (Granted):

11.    Yadav, Ramkuber, et al. "Formation and deposition of sputtered nanoscale particles in cigarette manufacture." U.S. Patent No. 8,281,793. 9 Oct. 2012.
12.    Saoud, Khaled, et al. "Cigarettes and cigarette components containing nanostructured fibril materials." U.S. Patent No. 7,509,961. 31 Mar. 2009.

Peer Reviewed and Regular Conference Proceedings Papers or abstract (presented in conferences):

13.    Saoud, Khaled, Massimo F Bertino, Rola M Al-soubaihi, Lauren S White, and Shaukat Saeed. "Synthesis of Ultra-Light, Mechanically Strong and Thermally Insulating Aerogels." Paper presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings, 2014.
14.    Ibala, Imen, Dana El Ladki, Omar Ezzeldeen, Shaukat Saeed, and Khaled Saoud. "Preservation of Cultural Heritage Artifacts in Qatar Using Nanotechnology." Paper presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings 2014.
15.    Gower, Reni, Jorge Benitez, Khaled Saoud, Jochen Sokoly, and Susan Schuld. "Geometric Aljamía: A Visual Transliteration and Re-Claiming the Wild Colors of Qatari Voices." Paper presented at the Tasmeem, 2014.
16.    Saoud, Khaled. "Supported Gold Nanocatalyst for Low Temperature Co Oxidation and Combustion of Volatile Organic Compounds." Paper presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum Proceedings, 2010.
17.    Saoud, Khaled Mohammad. "Nanotechnology for Pollution Reduction." Paper presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum Proceedings, 2011.
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21.    Rabiei, S., Miser, D. E., Lipscomb, J. A., Saoud, K. M., Gedevanishvili, S., Rasouli, F.“Conversion of hausmanite (Mn3O4) particles to nano-fibrous manganite (MnOOH) at ambient conditions” Journal of materials science 40:1818(2005): 4995-4998
22.    Saoud, K.M., “Carbon Monoxide Oxidation on Nanoparticle Catalysts and Gas Phase Reactions of Small Molecules and Volatile Organics with Metal Cations” etd-10102005-131308, Virginia commonwealth university library (2005).
23.    Yadav, R., Saoud, K. M., Hajaligol, M. “Study of cigarette smoke aerosol using time of flight mass spectrometry” Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 72(1) (2004): 17-25.
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Keynote Talks:

1.    “Synthesis and Characterization of Alkaline Earth Nano-materials for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Artifacts” 2nd Edition Nanotech Dubai 2015 International Conference & Exhibition, Dubai, Nanotech Dubai 2015,16 Mar - 18 Mar 2015, Dubai- United Arab Emirates.
2.    “Nanotechnology Promise to solve water scarcity challenge in Jordan” technological capacity building in the field of modern technologies in the Arab States Forum, 15-16 December, 2014, Amman, Jordan.
3.    “Fabrication of Strong Aerogel for Thermal Insulation”,  InsulationTech Qatar      December 10th – 11th  2014, Intercontinental The City Hotel  (near City Center) – Doha, Qatar
4.    “The role of Nobel Metals in Catalysis and Photocatalysis”, Nanotech Challenge2014, April, 2014, Cairo, Egypt.
5.    “Thermal Insulation and Fire protection of High Rise building “Thermal Insulation in construction Middle East, 15 - 18 September, 2013, Crown Plaza Hotel -The Business Park, Doha, Qatar.
6.    “Nanotechnology: An overview”, SETCOR International Conference on Nanotechnology Dubai 2013 ”Nanotech Dubai 2013” 28 Oct - 30 Oct 2013 , Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Hotel, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
7.    “Nanotechnology in Green Building and environmental applications”, Qatar International Environment Protection Exhibition & Conference (ECOQ), 16-18 Oct, 2011.

Invited Talks:

8.    “Nanocatalysis”, 1st Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. Kuwait (2011).
9.    “Mechanically Strong Aerogels For Thermal Insulation” Nano Micro and Bio Technology Conference, Functional Materials and Catalytic Processes track, NaMiBiTech 26-28 October 2014 in Al-Akhawayn University of Ifrane, Morocco.
10.    “Catalysis at the Nanoscale: Structure-Activity Relationship”, BIT’s 5th Annual Global Congress of Catalysis-2014, Theme: From Creativity to Industrialization, September 21-23, 2014, Qingdao, China.
11.    “Synthesis and Characterization of Ag/ZnO Visible Light Photocatalyst” The 15th International Symposium Materials, Methods & Technologies, 10 - 14 June 2013, Sunny Beach Resort, Bulgaria.
12.    “Low temperature CO oxidation on Au and Cu and AuCu alloy based catalysts”, The 3rd Thailand Nanotechnology Conference 2009 – Health, Energy, Environment, Dec 2009.


  • Nanotech Dubai 2015 Distinguished Scientist Award.
  • VCU Qatar Distinguished Achievement Faculty Award for Research (Aug, 2014).
  • Qatar Annual Research conference “ARC13” Health research Posters award (Nov, 2013).
  • Biography publication in the Marquis who’s who in the World (2012)
  • Biography publication and Featured in Princeton Global Registry Network (2011)  
  • Served as a technical expert in the Arab nanotechnology initiative (2011-present)
  • Recognized by Qatar Higher Education Council for serving as a judge at local schools research competitions (2012-present).
  • Chosen to serve in the board of directors of Nontechnology center at Jordan University of Science and Technology (2013- Present).
  • Chaired the Dubai Nanotech 2013 conference.
  • Chaired the Thermal insulation in Construction Middle East conference, 2013.
  • VCU Qatar Distinguished Achievement Faculty Award for Teaching (209-2010)
  • Philip Morris USA PhD Research Grant award(2001-2004)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Research Award (2000, 2003)
  • Ultra microscopy Cover, STM Image of Clean Si (5512) surface, 2001.
  • Elected member of Sigma Pi Sigma, American Physics Honor Society, (1999).

Professional Service

  • Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), (2013- Present)
  • Member of Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) (2013- present)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma, American Physics Honor Society, (1999-present)
  • American Physical Society (1999-present)
  • American Vacuum Society (1998-present)