Multi - Modal Mathematics

PI: Dr. Summer Bateiha, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Law Alsobrook, Associate Professor, Graphic Design, and Sadia Mir, Associate Professor, English

Lab Initiated:  2021

As a whole, the purpose of the Multimodal Mathematics: Storytelling, Interactivity and Cultural Relevance, (Multimodal Math) Research Lab is to provide an interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment which brings together scholars, practitioners and educators in mathematics, creative writing and art and design to create curriculum and to advance the potential of multimodal storytelling as an active element of STEM education, specifically in mathematics education. The principal investigators of this lab envision a space where diverse areas of interest and inquiry can converge, where seemingly disparate research areas, for example, mathematics pedagogy, creative writing and storytelling, as well as art and design practices, can build and play off one another for inspiration, collaboration and research advancement.