Sonic Jeel

Simone Muscolino, Associate Professor and Director Art Foundation

Michael Hersrud, Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Lab initiated: 2020

Sonic Jeel is a collaborative initiative investigating sound, noise, electronic music, and audiovisual media within the context of Qatar and the Gulf region. We celebrate the interplay of the sonic and the graphic toward a new generation of interdisciplinary makers. Our aim is to be a platform for exploratory research, production and distribution of experimental sonic work in support of the growing creative industry in Doha.

Recognizing an opportunity to originate a contemporary sonic culture in Qatar, Simone Muscolino, Associate Professor & Director of Art Foundations, and Michael Hersrud, Associate Professor Graphic Design, co-developed Sonic Jeel (Jeel means ‘generation’ in Arabic) in 2018. Coming primarily from a visual creative practice, the inquiry began as a playful curiosity into sound and transformed into a larger research endeavor through collaborations with local and international creative communities, the development of a sonic lab space and the creation of new course offerings at the university.