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1. Food is restricted in painting studios, where chemicals and paints are present. Encourage students to have their food during breaks or outside the studio. There are great chances that the students might ingest chemicals while consuming the food while working with chemicals.

2. Do not store food along with cloth carry bags in the pantry refrigerates. It is a source of cross-contamination if the bags are soiled or damp.

3. If you use a Microwave and your food was splashed due to overheating it, please report or inform the tea girl. 

4. Kindly wash your own cup/plate/cutlery if left at any pantry or lounge, after 4:00 pm.


VCUQ makes every effort to respect the culture and sensitivities of our Qatar hosts and in return benefits from the intellectual and academic freedom that Qatar Foundation endorses. This mutual respect is vital to our operations and educational goals. All faculty, staff and students are expected to cooperate with it. To this end we make the following recommendation:

  • Male and female dresses to be covered from shoulders to knees.
  • Avoid all intimate interactions with the opposite sex while on campus.
  • Avoid offensive language. 
  • Avoid all verbal assaults and harassment. 
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