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Open Call: Artist in Residence

Fire Station

Application Deadline: 1 December 2020

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Dear All,
This panel discussion will focus on tracing the development of Qatari art in conjunction with the exhibition Lived Forward: Art and Culture 
in Doha from 1960s-2020, currently on show at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.
For more than half a century, Doha’s creative landscape has been vibrant and influenced by ideas from the Arab world, alongside a 
negotiation of the local and regional politics of identity. Prominent artists and cultural practitioners engaged with the local community, 
exploring new tendencies and ideas that have shaped Qatari art today.
Exhibition Curator Lina Ramadan, with invited guests: Dr. Mahjoob Zweiri (Director of Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University); 
Salman al-Malik (Artist and Director of the Visual Arts Center, Ministry of Culture and Sports in Doha), and others will detail key moments 
and under-regarded group initiatives that established an infrastructure for art experimentation and discourses that continues into the 
present day.
Please note that the event will be in Arabic. To register, click here.

VCUQ makes every effort to respect the culture and sensitivities of our Qatar hosts and in return benefits from the intellectual and academic freedom that Qatar Foundation endorses. This mutual respect is vital to our operations and educational goals. All faculty, staff and students are expected to cooperate with it. To this end we make the following recommendation:

  • Male and female dresses to be covered from shoulders to knees.
  • Avoid all intimate interactions with the opposite sex while on campus.
  • Avoid offensive language. 
  • Avoid all verbal assaults and harassment. 
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