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This exhibition brings together works from VCUarts Qatar students, faculty, staff and alumni from diverse fields. This retrospective of their creative achievements provides an in-depth look at unseen stories during the ongoing global pandemic through paintings, photography, poetry, design objects, video and digital art. This collective endeavor engages a vibrant community of practitioners and leaves to the artists and designers to reflect on isolation, dreams and mental escape through personal narratives.

Featuring works by Aisha Al-Abdulla, Arhama Amjad, Chris Buchakjian, Elizabeth Ju, Ghaida Azzam, Gul Thakur, Haya Al Hetmi, Jesse Payne, Izza Alyssa, Leticia Aguirre, Luma Mansi, Madjulin Nasrallah, Maha Nasr, Marsya A. Abdulghani, Maryam Khalil, Michael Perrone, Naima Almajdobah, Nia Alexander Campbell, Noora Al Henzab, Nour Elbasuni, Nour Elzayat, Patty Paine, Rab McClure, Rabab Abdulla, Reham Mohamed, Robin Fetherston, Roshni Tarcar, Roudah Al-Sheeb, Selma Fejzullaj, Shima Aeinehdar, Stella Colaleo, Tasnim Rahima, Yeon Geong Hwang and Yomna Eltouny.


Student Exchange 

The Ensaniyat project engages students, the next generation of decision-makers, with social justice issues affecting domestic workers. The three-month fellowship with students will focus on formulating the solutions to 3-4 specific issues and developing student-led ‘Social Justice’ bilingual campaigns. Under the guidance of professional mentors, students will also lead 2-3 creative projects, including photography exhibitions and media campaigns. Students will reflect on their projects and the attitudes they confront in 2-day exchange workshops between Qatar and Kuwait.

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Short Film of the Week
We’re back with another ideal way to start your weekend—our ever-popular Short Film of the Week series.

Available to watch from the comfort of your home this week is a short by the talented Shaima Al Tamimi and Mariam Salim—
Voices from the Urbanscape—a journey around Qatar’s capital and tribute to the diverse communities who help build this country from the ground up.

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more exclusive releases and
 behind-the-scenes insights from the filmmakers next week.

DFI Team
Voices from the Urbanscape 
Visions of construction in contemporary Doha neatly express its nearly manic pace of growth, while various voices from the community describe the city’s progress, lament the loss of nature that goes with urbanisation, consider the beauty of the new buildings, and discuss Doha’s cosmopolitan personality. A sort of travelogue around Qatar’s capital in development, ‘Voices from the Urbanscape’ is an apt reflection of a burgeoning 21st-century city with a mission, and a tribute to its multicultural success.

About the Directors:
Shaima Al Tamimi is a photographer and cultural explorer who captures stories ignited by culture, travel and human behaviour. In 2016, she hosted a travel documentary on MBC TV highlighting stories on Arab women who empower their community through entrepreneurship.

Mariam Salim’s passion for film started at a young age. She recently participated in the production of a few short films. She is currently finalising the screenplay of the feature-length Arabian fantasy, 'By the Cave', which was granted an RFC Rawi fellowship.

Qatar Foundation (QF) is partnering with the Paris Peace Forum (PPF), an international event focusing on issues of global governance and multilateralism.

QF will be hosting an international digital art contest in collaboration with PPF and Qatar Museums titled ‘The untold stories of resilience’, which will allow artists to submit work that represents resilience during the challenging and uncertain times created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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QF would like to write a story about 3 VCUarts Qatar students or graduates that are willing to draw a caricature or cartoon figures on this topic: “QF in their Eyes”. This topic is tied to the 25th Anniversary of QF and highlights the following question:
How do you see QF?
Based on the drawings the students will create,  QF will talk to the artists and discuss their work and include them in the story.
To capture the world’s artistic responses to COVID-19, Qatar Foundation and Qatar Museums are organizing a digital art contest and online exhibition in the framework of the Paris Peace Forum. It’s titled ‘The Untold Stories of Resilience’ and will highlight human resilience in times of crisis. 
All artists over the age of 16 from around the world are encouraged to submit their work to be considered for the exhibition. Galleries or agents representing artists are also accepted. Selected artworks from the contest will become part of an online exhibition titled ‘The Untold Stories of Resilience’ which focuses on humans’ ability of positive adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this stressful time brought us all together to overcome it.
On 1st of November, Shortlisted artworks from the online exhibition will have the opportunity to be featured on QF social media channels and at an exhibition during the Paris Peace Forum. Additionally, the final three winners will receive an event ticket and accommodation to attend a TED event in Doha taking place in 2022. 
More details about the art contest and the application can be found here: https://www.qf.org.qa/ppf-art-contest. We are accepting applications till October 15th!  We are so excited to see how artists around the world will express human resilience in different ways! Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing: artcontest@qf.org.qa. I would really appreciate it if you share this opportunity with people in your network on social media!
A chance for the VCU-Q students in this year’s Ajyal Film Festival Jury programme,
Dates: 11 – 23 November, 2020
As a member of the Ajyal Jury, students will be able to watch the selected films, discuss with fellow-jurors and film experts, vote for the winners of the Ajyal Film Festival, and use their energy to bring positive change far beyond Ajyal.
This year, for the first time, we have expanded the age range for our Bader team to include participants aged 18 -25. This will allow more VCU-Q students and recent graduates to participate in the programs designed for this age group, with relevant themes, activities and films.
The attached bilingual e-flyer contains additional information about the programme and the registration process. Appreciate if you would promote and encourage VCU-Q community’s participation.
Please feel free to reach out to me for more details or to organize an online session for the students to learn about the Ajyal Jury program. We are also happy to share the flyer in different sizes for on screen display.
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Invitation for  Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)  conference,
Date: October 15-30. 
In these turbulent times, we are extremely proud of the quality of this year's programming and how our presenters showcase arts-integrated and transdisciplinary work, research, and ideas that are guiding us in the steps to a more equitable and just future. 
Find out more through the entire schedule here 
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The following featured programming represents just a sample of the available sessions.
We have workshops on amplifying and integrating arts programs on campus and presenting your research to cross-disciplinary audiences, launching an arts-integrated research centertransforming online learning through the arts, as well as getting career-skills training for art