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VCUarts Qatar provides email accounts, internet access, computers and assistance with using technology for every student. With over 200 computers available for students and a comprehensive wireless and wired network throughout the building, VCUarts Qatar has made computing ubiquitous. There are nearly 100 printers throughout the building and every computer lab/classroom offers direct access to A3/A4 color printing. Plotters and a number of computer peripherals (flatbed and slide scanners) are available in key areas throughout the building. Some academic programs issue laptop computers to students for use during the academic semester while others utilize more powerful desktop computers. Technology at VCUarts Qatar facilitates learning and research in a number of ways. Parttime employment opportunities for select students are also available with the IT Help Desk. New students receive an introduction to using technology at VCUarts Qatar as part of the new student orientation.

All students must be familiar with and adhere to the following policies: VCU Computing Policies and Guidelines:

VCUarts Qatar Equipment Loan Agreement

All Virginia Commonwealth University technology equipment loaned to the students is the property of Qatar Foundation. Students are responsible for the proper use, care and must return all equipment issued by VCUarts Qatar upon graduation, withdrawal, or suspension. All MFA students have 5 semesters term of use and must return all equipment at the end of the fifth semester.
1. The laptop and its associated accessories are for the sole use of the student during their academic career at VCUarts Qatar. This equipment is a tool for the academic efforts of the student. The student should not allow friends, family or others not directly associated with VCUarts Qatar to use the laptop.
2. The student is responsible for the proper care of the laptop. This includes but is not limited to the safe transport of the laptop in the computer bag that has been provided and avoiding liquid spills and food related damage. The student should not leave the laptop in high temperature areas such as a car or outside in the sun. The laptop should not have any writing, grafitti or physical damage.
3. The student is responsible for the safe keeping of the laptop. If the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged in anyway, it is the student’s responsibility to report this information immediately to the VCUarts Qatar Technology Services Help Desk, 97444020575, Room 163. If damaged, the laptop must be returned to the VCUarts Qatar Technology Services Help Desk for repair. The cost to repair or replace lost or damaged items will be charged to the student’s account. Examples of possible charges are 3,600 QR for replacing a broken laptop screen, 500 QR for replacing a charger, complete replacement 12,200 QR.
4. The student should not install any software on the laptop or alter the laptop hardware or operating system. VCUarts Qatar Technology Services will support all university related software installs and the general maintenance of the laptop.
5. The student is responsible for maintaining a current back up of their data. The VCUarts Qatar bookstore has thumb drives and other backup devices for student checkout or purchase. There are local vendors in Qatar that can also supply these types of accessories. The student should backup their data on a regular basis, so that this information will be available to VCUarts Qatar Technology Services should the laptop need to be reformatted.
6. The student is responsible for returning the equipment and accessories upon graduation, suspension or withdrawal from the university. The equipment should be returned to the VCUarts Qatar Technology Help Desk. Failure to return the equipment may result in (a) withholding grades, (b) notification to parents, (c) notification of the department chair, (d) cancellation of registration, (e) replacement cost charge to the student’s account, and/or (e) withholding of the Diploma/Degree. In addition, the laptop will be locked and you will not be able to access the data until the equipment is returned.
7. VCUarts Qatar Technology Services may request return of the equipment if special maintenance is needed, if equipment loan policies change or other circumstances necessitate its return.
8. The student should review the policies at the following sites:
The VCUarts Qatar Intranet at also contains computing related policies.
9. GRADUATE STUDENTS upon completing their 5th semester at VCUarts Qatar have to return all VCUarts Qatar Technology Equipment to the service desk.
10. LATE and UNRETURNED The equipment is due back by the specified date and time provided at the time of checkout. If you are unable to return the equipment by date due or no later then a week after the date of graduation, withdrawal, or suspension the laptop will be locked and you will not be able to access the data until the equipment is returned. In addition, your Diploma/Degree and Transcripts will be placed on hold until fees are paid.

VCU Email Policy

Electronic mail or “email” is considered an official method for communication at VCU because it delivers information in a convenient, timely, cost effective, and environmentally aware manner.

This policy ensures that all students have access to this important form of communication. It ensures students can be reached through a standardized channel by faculty and other staff of the University as needed.

Mail sent to the VCU email address may include notification of Universityrelated actions, including disciplinary action. Please read the policy in its entirety:


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