Building Access

These building access rules are written with the safety and the security of the students, faculty, staff and visitors to VCUarts Qatar in mind. VCUarts Qatar wants to assure students and their parents that the safest possible environment is provided in which students can enjoy their education.


  1. The VCUarts Qatar building is considered to be open to VCUarts Qatar students 24 hours a day. 7 days a week (unless there are conditions which necessitate closure, in which case signs would be posted).
  2. While students should not need to show IDs to enter the building, students should carry the student photo ID at all times when in Education City. Not every Security Guard will know every student and they may request Student IDs at any time for the general safety of all in the building.
  3. Security Guards will open doors to classrooms upon the request of the student so that the student can work in the classroom. Security Guards will never allow students access to any offices, electrical or mechanical rooms, custodial storage rooms, the Bookstore, Technology Services rooms or the Library.
  4. While in the building students should report any incidents (injuries, suspicious activity, plumbing issues, etc) immediately to the Security Guards on duty. 


  1. All visitors MUST sign in at the main Security desk, present a photo ID and receive a visitor badge. The photo ID will be retained by Security until the visitor leaves the building. If a visitor does NOT have a photo ID, he/she will not be allowed in the building. (Exceptions will be noted below.)
  2. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Visitors meeting the above requirement are allowed in the building during normal building hours which are 8AM to 5PM, Sunday through Thursday.
  4. Vendors (travel agents, office supply sales persons, hotel representatives, etc.) are not allowed in the building without an appointment. The vendor must provide Security with the name of the VCUarts Qatar person with whom they are scheduled to meet, the VCUarts Qatar person’s phone number and the time of the scheduled meeting. Security will call the VCUarts Qatar person with whom the meeting is scheduled.
  5. Outside the hours of 8AM to 5PM, Sunday through Thursday, visitors will only be allowed if they meet the above requirement (Item 2a) and they have an appointment with faculty or staff. (Security will call the faculty or staff member for approval prior to admitting the visitor and the faculty or staff member must come to Security desk to meet the visitor.) OR if prior arrangement has been made for the visitor through a faculty or staff member and that faculty or staff member has left a letter of approval for the visitor with Security.
  6. No visitors are allowed in the building after 9PM. After 9PM only VCUarts Qatar students, faculty and staff are allowed in the building (until 8AM the following morning).
  7. Anyone coming to pick up a student or deliver something to a student at any time must wait at Security for the student to come to the Security desk.
  8. Exceptions to the above apply when there are events within the building such as conferences, films, lectures, when there are considerable VCUarts Qatar faculty and staff and/or additional Security present to oversee the event and there are a considerable number of members of the general public and Education City community, as well as VCUarts Qatar students attending the event.
  9. Exceptions to the above apply to Community Class participants; class lists for Community Class participants should be provided to Security and Community Class participants should show photo ID to the Security guards and have their name will be checked off the class list each week. They need not give their ID to Security.
  10. Exceptions to the above apply to Education City and QF faculty, staff and students; EC and QF faculty, staff and students will be allowed into VCUarts Qatar upon showing ID Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 8AM and 9PM. Outside these days and hours, the above rules apply.
  11. Some exceptions to the above apply to library visitors. Community library users are required to leave photo identification with Security before entering the main library. Community library users are not permitted to remain in the VCUarts Qatar building after the library closes. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed in the library.  All class visits must be arranged in advance with the Director of Libraries.  

Faculty & Staff

  1. VCUarts Qatar Faculty and Staff have 24/7 access to the building.
  2. Security will open any classrooms to any VCUarts Qatar faculty or staff member.
  3. Security will only open the office of the faculty or staff member (photo ID may be requested) requesting access; Security will not open any offices of other faculty or staff other than the office of the requestor. (The exception to this would be that Security will open offices of faculty or staff within a department for the Dean, Associate Deans, Directors or Department Chairs; or Facilities and IT staff in a building emergency.)
  4. Outside of normal business hours, the Bookstore is only accessible by Bookstore staff. Security is not allowed to let anyone into the Bookstore without permission from the Bookstore Manager. (The only exception would be a request from the Dean or Associate Deans; or Facilities and IT staff in a building emergency.)
  5. VCUarts Qatar Faculty and Staff are not permitted access to the VCUarts Qatar Library or to the VCUarts Qatar Library conference room after regular business hours. There are no exceptions. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed in the library.
  6. Technology Services (TS) Rooms (storage, server rooms, etc) are only accessible by VCUQ-TS staff. Security is not allowed to let anyone into any TS room without the permission of the CIO. (The only exception would be a request from the Dean or Associate Deans; or Facilities and IT staff in a building emergency.)

Access During Emergencies

  1. Emergencies would be defined as fire, smoke, chemical spill, power outage or similar.
  2. In the event of fire, smoke or chemical spill the building will be evacuated at the direction of the VCUarts Qatar Director of Facilities and Safety (DFS) (or designee) or the QF Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) Department. The building should not be re-entered by anyone until the building is deemed to be safe by QF HSSE and permission to enter is given by the VCUQ DFS (or designee).
  3. In the event of a power outage, after consultation by the VCUQ DFS (or designee) with QF HSSE and QF Operations & Maintenance, the building may be closed until the power is restored. If the building is closed due to a power outage, no one, except Security and VCUarts Qatar and QF Facilities Management staff will be allowed in the building for safety and security reasons. In this instance signs will be posted on the outside of the building with any closure information and SMS and e-mail messages will be sent to all faculty, staff and students with building opening and access information.
  4. Inappropriate use of resources, equipment and facilities including emergency exits is considered an abuse of academic materials and a violation of the Honor Code and will result in penalties as described in the Student Handbook.