Emergency / Evacuation Procedures

What to do in an emergency

All students must be familiar with exit routes and assembly points should an evacuation of the building be required. Students should also be familiar with the location of emergency fire pull points and fire extinguishers.

Emergency evacuation routes are displayed throughout the building hallways. Please study the routes and become knowledgeable of the direction in which you should egress the building from each classroom in which you have classes and studios. In the event of an emergency evacuation Fire Wardens wearing bright orange vests will assist in directing your exit from the building. It is important to follow these directions.

For the academic year 2015-2016 the assembly location will be opposite the north side of the building across the parking lot. Once assembled you may be directed to the LAS building until the all clear notice is given.

Elevators are never to be used during an evacuation. There are two emergency evacuation chairs within the building located on the First Floor near two main stairwells; these are to be used by trained personnel to evacuate all non-ambulatory occupants. Personal items are to be left in place and not carried to the evacuation points.

Please refer to the locator map contained in this handbook for location of egress points, fire pull stations, and fire extinguishers.

Concerns or questions about evacuation procedures should be directed to the Chief Safety Officer