Academics: Know How All Works!

VCU and VCUarts Qatar expect students to be responsible for knowing the university's policies, procedures, and regulations, both general and specific, academic and other.

As such, it is the responsibility of all students, both undergraduate and graduate students, to be familiar with their respective Bulletin-of-record (i.e. the Bulletin in effect at the time of their initial enrollment), including the institutional and program-specific academic and non-academic regulations.


The most common resources for learning more about VCU and VCUarts Qatar policies and procedures are:

  • Undergraduate Bulletin
  • Graduate Bulletin 
  • VCU Policy Index 
  • VCU Insider
  • Department of Enrollment and Registration Services - Office of Records and Registration
  • Department of Academic Advising and Career Services 
  • Department of Student Affairs
  • Office of Financial Services - Department of Administration
  • Your academic department