Academics, Courses, Curricula

Degree requirements for all academic degree programs offered at VCUarts Qatar are listed in the Bulletin.

Degree Programs and Curricula. Curricula for each degree program at VCUarts Qatar are described at each of the respective webpages of the program. 

For BFA students only: Art Foundation Program and Portfolio Review

  • The Art Foundation Program forms the first year of studies for students interested in pursuing a BFA program at VCUarts Qatar.
  • To be considered for entry into a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program, Art Foundation students must successfully complete all Art Foundation studio courses and submit a portfolio of their work for review.
  • Acceptance into the university does not guarantee acceptance into the major of a student’s choice. Admission to the BFA major is competitive, based on the strenght of a students' Art Foundation portfolio, academic grades and standing. 

Course Descriptions

  • An alphabetized list of all course descriptions at VCU will help you to better understand the content of the course you choose or are required to take. 
  • Courses at VCU and VCUarts Qatar go by the same numbering system. VCUarts Qatar offers a smaller selection of courses than VCU does, as VCUarts Qatar offers select programs only.