Dean’s List, Honors Program, and Graduating with Latin Honors

Students who attain success in their academic program are recognized as such.

Dean's List Placement

  • The Dean’s List is a recognition of superior academic performance.
  • A student is automatically placed on the Dean’s List for each semester in which a semester GPA of at least 3.5 is attained, based on a minimum of 12 semester credits, excluding courses graded credit/noncredit, P/F, and with no grade below C. 
  • A notation is placed on the student’s academic record.
  • Students earning marks of I or PR are ineligible for the Dean’s List for the semester in which these grades were earned. (Exceptions are made for students with I-grades on account of courses which stretch over multiple academic terms per the program's design, provided all other eligibility requirements as noted above apply.)


Graduating with Latin Honors

  • Candidates for a baccalaureate degree who complete a minimum of 45 credits at VCU/VCUQatar may qualify for graduation honors.
  • Cum laude is awarded for a 3.30 to 3.59 cumulative GPA, Magna cum laude is awarded for a 3.60 to 3.89 cumulative GPA, Summa cum laude is awarded for a 3.90 cumulative GPA or better, at the time of graduation.
  • Calculation of the GPA for Latin Honors determination is based on grades earned for all courses taken for credit at VCU/VCUQatar, as well as for credits accepted for transfer at VCU. However, to qualify for graduation honors, a student’s GPA for courses taken for credit at VCU must be at least as high as the minimum required for the specific honor bestowed. 


Honors Program and University Honors

  • Students who have participated in the Honors Program at VCUarts Qatar and who have met the stated requirements of that program may graduate with “University Honors.”