Add, Drop, Withdraw, Cross Register

In general:

  • To begin to better understand the polices and procedures related to being an enrolled student at VCUarts Qatar, please refer to the section titled "Academic Regulations and General Degree Requirements" in the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletins.
  • Please note that you must handle procedural matters with a VCUarts Qatar instructor or administrator (not with VCU directly!)  
  • Registration processes and procedures at VCUarts Qatar generally require special approvals from faculty and/or administrators. All forms associated with such processes and procedures are located at VCUarts Qatar's Intranet Registrar (Records and Registration) pages. 

For Undergraduate Students, the bulletin section includes policies on:

  • Academic requirements
  • Evaluation of transcripts
  • English language proficiency requirements
  • Mathematics placement test
  • Academic Bridge Program
  • First-year incubator program
  • Art Foundation Program
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Program
  • Honors Program
  • Internships
  • Education abroad
  • Degree requirements
  • And more.

​For Graduate Students, the bulletin section includes policies on:   

  • Program goals
  • Student learning outcomes
  • General academic policies and regulations
  • Degree candidacy requirements
  • Graduation requirements
  • And more.


Cancel, Add, Drop, Withdraw

Cancellation of Registration

  • If you wish to cancel your registration and receive a 100% refund, you must drop all courses for which you are registered prior to the stated Add/Drop period ending. The Add-Drop period generally ends at the conclusion of the first week of classes.

  • ​Students are fully responsible for dropping their courses and cancelling their registration. They can do so via the online course registration portal in myvcu. 


  • Students may change their registration, add or drop a class, during the Add/Drop period.

  • Students are strongly advised to seek the consult of the Office of Academic Advising before adding/dropping or changing their registration in any way, to ensure they are set up for success and to meet academic progression requirements.

  • The Add-Drop period generally ends at the conclusion of the first week of classes. Check the Academic Calendar are at VCUQatar's Intranet for exact dates and deadlines of the Add/Drop period.

  • Courses dropped during the Add/Drop period do not show on a student’s permanent record.

  • There are no fees associated with adding or dropping course during the Add/Drop period. Tuition fees will be established at the conclusion of the Add/Drop period. 

Who may attend a class once the Add/Drop period is over?

  • Once the Add/Drop period has concluded, registration locks in. At this time, ONLY students who are effectively registered for a class may attend that class. Students who are NOT officially registered may NOT attend that class.

  • Students may NOT be added to a course after the Add/Drop period has ended without express permission from the Academic Regulations Appeals Committee. 

Withdrawing from a Course

  • After the Add/Drop period has passed, students may withdraw from a class in accordance with prescribed procedures.

  • To officially withdraw from a class, a student must file the appropriate form with the VCUarts Qatar Office of Records and Registration, and with permission from their academic department and advisor. Students will be awarded a "W" (WITHDRAW) grade. Tuition will be charged in accordance with the VCU refund schedule.

  • Withdrawals and W-grades are recorded in students' official transcripts.

  • Students who stop attending a class and who fail to effectively withdraw from the class, will earn an "F" (FAIL) grade for that course. is usually given for that course.

Withdrawing from the University

  • Students who wish to withdraw from ALL the courses for which they are registered after the Add/Drop period has passed, must do so in accordance with prescribed procedures and by the stated deadline date. See the Academic Calendar for the "final day to withdraw".

  • To withdraw from all courses, a student must file the appropriate form with the VCUarts Qatar Office of Records and Registration.

  • Students who fail to follow stated procedures for withdrawing will earn "F" (FAIL) grades on all courses for which s/he was enrolled for that term.

  • As part of the "withdrawal from the University"-process, students must also complete the "Separation from the University" procedures (complete with all VCUarts Qatar departmental and QF signatures) and return all university equipment and materials.

  • Tuition will be charged in accordance with the VCU refund schedule.

  • Students who withdraw from the university for medical reasons must follow the "medical withdrawal" processes.

  • Students who withdraw from all courses during a semester may attend the following semester without submitting an application for readmission. Students should consult their department mentor and academic adviser prior to withdrawing.

  • When extraordinary circumstances lead a student to request withdrawal after the final withdrawal date, the student must petition the Academic Regulations Appeals Committee for consideration of a waiver of this academic regulation. For further information, see the VCUarts Qatar Intranet (ARAC Instructions and Form).


  • A transcript is a copy of the student’s academic record. 

  • Official transcripts of student academic records are issued by the Office of Records and Registration, upon the written request of the student.

  • The request should be made at least one week before the transcript is needed

  • Official transcripts are issued only if a student has no "holds" on their university account. Students with "holds" must clear those holds before official transcripts may be issued. 

  • All official transcripts are stamped with the university seal.

  • Due to federal privacy laws, an ID is required to release a transcript.

  • Currently enrolled students can also obtain unofficial copies of transcripts via the Web using myVCULogin at

Cross-University Registration

Cross-Registration within Education City Doha

  • Cross-university registration (or cross-registration) provides opportunities for supplemental educational programs by permitting upper class (beyond first year) undergraduates to cross-register for courses each semester at another HBKU branch campus. Each university branch campus identifies a limited number of classes and accepts registration from the other institutions for those classes.  First priority in registration, however, is given to students of the host institution.

  • Cross-registering students must meet any pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements set by the host university. The students are also reponsible for meeting deadlines as set per the host university's instructors or acadmic calendar.  

  • Students pay their home university tuition for courses taken in fall or spring semesters. Students pay tuition to their host universities for summer or winter session courses.

  • At the end of the term, cross-registered students must provide an official transcript to their home institutions in order to receive transfer credit.