Resources & Services


VCUQatar students are assigned designated storage space (either a locker, an individual pedestal, or built-in storage, depending on the department) for books, laptop and other materials.  Assignment is made by students’ respective departments.  Freshmen students are provided lockers to store laptops, art bins and large portfolio cases and are assigned by the Foundations department.  Students are required to supply their own locks and are  responsible for safeguarding the contents of their lockers. Lockers must be cleared of personal possessions at the end of each academic year.

Food Services

The VCUQatar cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks throughout the school year. There is also a coffee shop within VCUQatar which is open throughout academic sessions.  A cafeteria located in the LAS building also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the year.


Student vehicles must be parked in designated areas. All student vehicles must display a QF vehicle hang tag at all times when on the Education City Campus.  These vehicle hang tags may be obtained from the Facilities Department.

Damage, Loss of Property

VCUQatar accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of jewelry or other personal property brought to VCUQatar by students. Students should report all lost, found and stolen property to the Security Desk.