Financial Support

Various agencies provide opportunities for financial support to students who enroll at VCUarts Qatar.

  • Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • HBKU provides need-based financial aid to VCUarts Qatar students in the form of zero interest loans. Loans may cover expenses such as tuition, fees, and study abroad. Housing may be covered in exceptional or unusual circumstances. QF/HBKU loans don't cover flights and meals). Awards are made for one year; reapplication is necessary annually. Please note that QF/HBKU consider all other scholarships as income for determining financial aid (loan) eligibility.
  • There are two options for repayment of HBKU loans after graduation. Students may choose one or a combination of both repayment options. Specific questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office here (link sends e-mail).
    • Standard Repayment: Under standard repayment, students can choose to commit to paying 15% of their monthly salary until the total of their loan has been repaid.
    • Paid Service: With paid service, students have the opportunity to stay in Qatar after graduation and work at one of the many HBKU approved organizations for a period of one to six years, depending on the amount of loan borrowed.  During this time, students will receive debt forgiveness (calculated monthly) in addition to any salary and compensation packages. 
  • For more information, please visit the website of the HBKU Student Financial Services Office
    • Financial Aid loans are provided by QF/HBKU Student Financial Services.
    • HBKU Student loans carry no interest (0%). 
    • The loan amount will be based on your financial need as determined by QF/HBKU. The loan amount for which you are considered eligible may not meet full need.
    • You must complete the loan application process online to be considered for such a loan.
    • VCUarts Qatar has no access to your QF/HBKU loan application or the information you submit to QF/HBKU as part of your loan application. All questions about the loan program should be directed to QF/HBKU Student Financial Services
    • Please complete the process well before any stated deadlines and follow up with the HBKU Financial Aid Office to ensure all details of your application are in order. 
    • Students studying at VCUarts Qatar are not eligible for scholarships or aid offered at VCU's main campus, with the exception of federal aid (per FAFSA) for which US citizens/permanent residents may be eligible.
    • BEFORE YOU APPLY - especially for US citizens/permanent residents:
      • US citizens/permanent residents must apply for FAFSA before applying for QF/HBKU Financial Aid Loans. VCU's (US) Federal Financial Aid School Code is 003735
      • Have all documents which are neither in English or Arabic translated to English or Arabic.
      • You can set up an HBKU Financial Aid account at any time.
      • You can apply for an HBKU student loan between April 1 and May 31 only. That is the time during which the "loan application portal" is opened. 
      • Your HBKU Financial Aid login and password will not work prior to April 1.
      • Once you submit your Financial Aid application online, check your email regularly, even when you are traveling, for important news, updates or requests related to your Financial Aid application. 
      • You have up to 10 days max. to respond to a decision from HBKU Student Financial Services or to submit additional information if requested.
      • Should you receive an email from HBKU Financial Aid indicating that your loan was rejected, it likely means that information was missing or needs clarification. It is imperative that you reply to such a message, request the reason for the rejection, so that your Financial Aid Loan Officer may help you to understand which additional information you should submit/clarify.  
      • The HBKU Financial Aid application requires several documents. Start gathering those now. Save all your documents to a special folder in your computer, so you can easily find them in the future. You will be required to submit some of these documents each year! .
      • Documents must be in English or Arabic. Obtain official translations of any required document that is issued in another language.
      • Students failing to disclose any family income will be blocked from applying for QF/HBKU loans in the future. 
      • Only official, current documents will be accepted.
      • Bank statements:
        • You will need monthly bank statements for 12 months.
        • You must submit bank statements for each account you/your family holds.
        • Bank statements need be stamped by the bank. Each page needs to be stamped. Printed online bank statements are not sufficient. All pages must be stamped. 
        • Documents may not exceed stipulated size limitations. Learn how to compress your files before you upload them into the QF/HBKU Financial Aid application! 
      • Property statements:
        • You must provide documents related to the purchase of property, vehicles or other valued property owned by your family.
      • Reported expenses:
        • You must provide supporting documentation for all reported expenses. For example, if you claim a tuition expense for a sibling, you will also need to submit an invoice or statement from the institution at which your sibling is enrolled.
      • Passport and QID (RP):
        • You must provide copies of passport identification pages for all immediate family members
        • You must provide a copy of each person’s QID (RP) if you and your family are current residents of Qatar.
      • Employment:
        • You must submit information on your parents' employment. Employment records are thoroughly verified by HBKU.
        • This includes employment contracts for each working parent. If one or both of your parents are self-employed, you will need to submit a balance sheet, a profit-and-loss statement for a full financial year showing the company’s financial standing; as well as a letter from the bank and official bank statements of the company's accounts. 
      • ​​Your application must be complete in order to submit it.
      • You must have a guarantor to receive a loan. A guarantor must be a parent or legal guardian.
      • Students who provide false information or forge signatures will be blocked from the loan application process in the future.
      • If you have technical difficulties with the application system, please contact the HBKU Student Financial Services Office directly with a screen shot of the error message. A manual reset may take up to three working days.
      • If you have questions or need clarificiations on what you are asked to submit, please contact the HBKU Student Financial Services Office directly.
      • Give yourself plenty of time so that you can deal with any unexpected problems getting documents, information, etc.
      • Once you have been awarded, you must submit a signed contract. Follow the guidelines stated in the contract, and the steps below, or your award will be canceled. Please pay attention to the dates stated in your award notification.
      • Print the contract.
        • Non Residents: Notarize signatures on each page.
        • Residents: You and your guarantor can go to the office and sign in person.
      • Take a copy of the signed contract so you can upload it to your Financial Aid account
      • Upload the contract copy in to your Financial Aid account and accept the Award online.

Qatar National Bank

  • Offered only to students holding Qatari citizenship.
  • Scholarships available for Graphic Design majors only (Subject to change.)
  • Through the HBKU Student Employment Program, students in Education City may work at the branch campuses or centers around campus.  
  • VCUarts Qatar students may work up to 20 hours a week while classes are in session, and up to 40 hours during summer and winter semester breaks.
  • Typical student wages are approx. 40 QAR/hour (approx. USD 11.- /hour).
    Students generally work at one of myriad campus departments such as the Library, the Office of Academic and Career Advising; the Office of Finance, the Office of Admissions, etc.
  • For more information, contact VCUarts Qatar's Office of Student Employment (off Saffron Hall). 
  • Available only to students whose families are funding all tuition and fee costs at VCUarts Qatar.
  • ​For further information, please contact the Office of Finance at VCUarts Qatar.

Office of Admissions

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