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  • Transfer Application Requirements and Processes
    • Applicants who have completed post-secondary course work at an institution of higher education other than VCUarts Qatar may apply for admission to VCUarts Qatar. They must submit all requirements as those outlined for Freshman applicants. See information in "Freshman" in the left side bar. Additionally, they must submit the items listed below. 
    • Post-secondary academic credentials will be assessed for transfer credit to VCUarts Qatar after the applicant is determined to be admissible, and provided an official Foreign Credential Evaluation is submitted for any course work taken at a non-US institution outside of the USA . 
    • Whether or not transfer applicants are admissible to VCUarts Qatar's Art Foundation program (1st year of BFA), or directly to the major, be it Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Painting & Printmaking (BFA), or Art History (BA), is conditional on their acdemic background and on space availability.

By JANUARY 15     (Strict Deadline. No exceptions. Submit ALL of the following listed below)

  • Official university transcripts FROM EACH POST-SECONDARY UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE EVER ATTENDED, listing all courses completed and grades earned.

    • Have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.50/4.00, or its equivalent, and be in good academic standing at your current (or most recent) institution of higher education.   

    • Transcripts issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official English language translation.


  • Course descriptions of all courses completed. 

    • Course descriptions are 1-2 paragraph statements describing the course, as listed in the university's official catalog or bulletin.


  • Studio Art Portfolio

    • May be requested if the BFA-applicant is being considered for admission directly in to the Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design or Painting & Printmaking major, rather than the Art Foundation program.


Please note: 

  • If VCUarts Qatar concludes, based on reasonable grounds, that an applicant has misrepresented his/her academic background or falsified any information presented to the University as part of his/her application for admission, VCUarts Qatar reserves the right to disqualify his/her application, revoke an offer of admission, or terminate the student’s registration.  



  • International Credential Evaluation

    • Applicants who wish to have prior post-secondary work completed at a university/college outside of the USA, assessed for possible transfer credit at VCUarts Qatar and direct admission to the major, must submit an official International Credential Evaluation.

    • VCU recognizes professional evaluators who are members of the following organizations. Please use the links below to select an evaluator to evaluate your transcript. Please ensure that you request a course-by-course type of evaluation:

      ·       National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES):

      ·       Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE):


    • International Credit Evaluations must submit its evaluation directly to the VCUarts Qatar Office of Admissions.

    • Transfer credit will not be granted for prior tertiary course work completed outside of the USA without submission of the International Credential Evaluation. 

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