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Website Content Manager


VCUarts Qatar seeks a motivated and highly qualified Website Content Manager responsible for overseeing the development, maintenance, and optimization of the university’s website to ensure it aligns with the institution’s strategic communications, brand positioning, and recruitment goals and provides an impactful user experience. This role involves collaborating with various departments and stakeholders to create, update, and manage digital content on the website to ensure that it effectively communicates the university’s mission, academic programs, events, news, stakeholder initiatives, and other pertinent information. Generous benefits are available.

Reports to: Executive Director of Strategic Communications

Department: Communications

Major Activities & Essential Functions

  • Contributes to the development of a content strategy in cooperation with VCUQ’s Social Media Manager and digital content developers, under the direction of the Executive Director of Strategic Communications, that reflects the university’s goals, mission, vision, and target audiences.
  • Creates and curates engaging, informative, and up-to-date content including text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, maintains a content calendar, and updates website content regularly, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Collaborates with content creators across the university to obtain necessary materials, as well as implements search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to improve the website’s visibility and rankings on search engines, driving organic traffic.
  • Focuses on enhancing the website’s User Experience (UX) by ensuring content is well-organized, easily accessible, and user-friendly, and conducts user testing and gathers feedback to make necessary improvements.
  • Ensures that all website content complies with web accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG) to make it accessible to individuals with disabilities, as well as monitors website performance using analytics tools, tracks key metrics, and generates reports. Uses data to make data-driven decisions for content optimization.
  • Works closely with various university departments, including admissions, academic departments, and technology services, to coordinate content updates and align the website with university objectives, and ensures the website’s security and integrity by working closely with VCUarts Qatar’s Technology Services department to review and regularly updates software and addresses potential vulnerabilities.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Digital Media, or a relevant area. A master’s degree in a related field is preferred but is not required.
  • Proven experience in content management and website administration, with a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant work experience in a similar role.
  • Proficiency in web content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and a strong understanding of web technologies.
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices and web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics).
  • Familiarity with web accessibility guidelines (e.g., WCAG) and the ability to ensure compliance.
  • Strong communication, writing, and editing skills.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines.
  • Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of higher education environments and university-specific goals is a plus.
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies, HTML, CSS, and experience with content management systems (CMS) is essential. Familiarity with graphic design software and basic coding skills can be a valuable asset.
  • Experience in project management is an advantage.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and strategies for integrating website content with social media to maximize engagement.

Skills & Experience

  • Detail-oriented, creative, and problem solver.
  • The ability to adapt to new tools, trends, and content strategies is essential.
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to multitask, and work to tight deadlines.
  • A high level of accuracy, work ethic, and a diligent worker.
  • Willingness to work within a cooperative structure, working in a team.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills are required.
  • Demonstrated experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment or commitment to do so as a staff member at VCUarts Qatar.

Application Process