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Phantom Thread, Silk and Lace, 2024

Aatikah Al-Thani


Fashion Design

My collection is an ode to all women. It aims to encapsulate the allure, grace, and fiery essence of femininity. My designs are a fusion of surrealism, jazz, and class, all painted in an evocative red to highlight such . Using modern tailoring and historical corsetry techniques, each piece was meticulously designed and crafted to tap into the graceful spirit that every woman possesses. At the same time, the collection hints of a dark and romantic vibe, through use of intricate lacework, embellishments, and masterful embroidery that balance the graceful elegance with a touch of the bold and courageous side of femininity. By focusing on the timeless beauty of femininity that transcends all trends and fads, the collection becomes a celebration of women’s eternal beauty that aims to leave a lasting impression on any audience.