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Off Campus Housing

Students can live at home or off campus with family in Qatar during their time at VCUarts Qatar.

On Campus Housing

On campus housing is available to VCUarts Qatar students in Education City Student Housing, which provides quality and convenient living options for students. The goal is to create a safe and welcoming community where students can study, live, and grow as persons. On campus housing in Education City offers a variety of living options to meet the needs of students. 

The fully furnished apartments range from studio to two-bedroom units, providing comfortable and affordable housing options for everyone. Living on campus has many benefits, and we are dedicated to ensuring your time here is as enjoyable and productive as possible. An online tour of on-campus housing is also available. 

Living on campus offers numerous benefits for students. It provides convenient access to Education City’s key facilities, including classes, dining, and recreational amenities, without the hassle of lengthy commutes. Additionally, campus housing is designed to be secure, with 24/7 security service and well-lit pathways, ensuring residents’ safety. Students can also engage with their peers and form lasting connections through clubs, events, and organizations. Campus housing provides access to a range of amenities, including a gym, swimming pool, and community center, allowing students to stay healthy and active during their free time. Finally, campus housing is cost-effective, with fully furnished rooms and included utility bills, saving students money and stress.


The collaborative environment of Education City is facilitated by a state-of-the-art, electric tram system that reduces vehicle emissions and moves the campus closer to its sustainability goals. The network of 24 stations and trams connects all the institutions and spaces on campus in an environmentally friendly and convenient way.  

Students can reduce their carbon footprint, even if they choose to live off campus, by using the newly-built Doha metro system. Take a metro train all the way to campus and catch the tram to reach any spot within Education City! 

At VCUarts Qatar, and as a member of the community at Education City, students can play a part in building a more sustainable future.