Paying for Studies

Financial Responsibility

  • Students who attend Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) assume the responsibility of full payment of tuition generated from their registration. Payments must be made directly to, and per the guidelines of, Qatar Foundation Financial Support (= QF Finance)
  • QF Finance collects tuition payments from VCUarts Qatar degree-students. Students can access their invoices, receipts, or payment histories directly from the QF Finance Payment Gateway.
  • Students’ failure to acknowledge and review their invoices does not relieve them from the responsibility to make the requisite payments by the stated deadlines. 
  • While VCUarts Qatar does not collect tuition payments from its degree-students, or track students’ payments to QF Finance, VCUarts Qatar does administer “QF Finance Holds” on behalf of QF Finance for VCUarts Qatar students deemed to be in financial default by QF Finance. 
  • Students whose tuition charges are covered by scholarships or sponsorships must follow up with their scholarship/sponsorship agency to ensure payment is effectively made by the stated deadlines.
  • Ultimately, students are responsible for any due balances on their QF-student accounts. 
  • The University reserves the right to revise or alter student tuition amounts and the regulations pertaining to student tuition, when such revisions or alterations are deemed necessary.  

Tuition Deposit

  • Students accepted into an undergraduate degree program who accept their offer of admission must pay a non-refundable tuition deposit (aka “Enrollment Confirmation Deposit”) via the Office of Admissions. This deposit is credited to the student’s first semester charges.
  • A student who pays the deposit, but then decides not to enroll for the intended intake-term, forfeits the deposit. 
  • For the Fall 2024 intake, the deposit is set to QAR 1,500 (equivalent to US $412).

Tuition Invoices

  • Students are invoiced for the cost of their Tuition at VCUarts Qatar by the Qatar Foundation. Invoices are issued electronically after the 4th week of classes has concluded. Invoices are made available via the QF Finance Payment Gateway. Students are notified of invoices being available at their VCU email address. 
  • Payment for the Tuition for a given academic semester is due prior to the end of that term, per stated deadline dates.

Payment Deadlines

SemesterPayment Due Date / Deadline
Fall Term 2024TBD
Spring Term 2025TBD
Summer Session #1 & #3 – 2024Thursday, June 6, 2024
Summer Session #2 – 2024NA

Payment Methods

  • Please note that QF Finance does not accept cash for payment of tuition!

    • Via the QF Online Payment Gateway
      • Your log-on is your “”-email address. Your one-time password was/will be provided to you by QF Finance at/around the time your first invoice is issued. You will be asked to reset that password upon your first log-on.
      • The QF Finance Payment Gateway enables students to see their due balance at any time, print invoices, receipts, etc.

  • Other Payment Methods. Note that it may take 2 or more weeks or more for your payment to be reconciled by QF Finance.
    • By Debit Card or Credit Card
      • At QF HEADQUARTER Building, 1st floor, Room 1.116, on business days, Sundays-Thursdays, between 8:00am and 3:00pm.
    • By Cheque
      • Cheques must be drawn on an account held at a bank based in Qatar and payable to “Qatar Foundation”. Pay due balance at the Qatar Foundation Finance Department, Qatar Foundation Headquarters Building, 1st floor, Room 1.116.
    • By Wire Transfer
      • Account Name: “Qatar Foundation”
      • Bank: Qatar National Bank
      • Swift Code: QNBAQAQA
      • Currency:
        • If payment is made in QAR, use the following information:
          • ACCOUNT:   0013-024171-072
          • IBAN:             QA42 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0241 7107 2
        • If payment is made in USD, use the following information:
          • ACCOUNT:   0013-035555-061
          • IBAN:             QA22 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0355 5506 1
      • You must include the following within the wire transfer documentation:
        • Your Full Name (the name of the student for whom payment is being made)
        • Your Institution: VCUarts Qatar
        • Your V# (eg. V01027777)
        • Your QID/QRP# (eg. 26205700017)
        • Invoice # (as indicated on your QF Finance Invoice)
    • By Direct Cash Deposit into the QF QNB Account – In QAR only!
      • ACCOUNT:   0013-024171-072
      • IBAN:             QA42 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0241 7107 2

QF Payment Installment Plan

  • The Installment Payment Plan (IPP) divides the cost of Tuition, QF housing, and QF dining charges for a semester into four equal installments.
  • The IPP is administered by the Qatar Foundation and available only for Fall and Spring terms.
  • To participate in the IPP, a student must complete the Student Installment Payment Plan Application Form available also at the Qatar Foundation Finance Office, and submit it along with a post-dated check for the amount due to the Qatar Foundation Finance Office. The Application Form must be re-submitted each term a student participates in the IPP.
  • Only enrolled students with at least QAR 10,000 or more in current dues are eligible to participate in the IPP, provided all prior semester due balances are fully paid. 
  • A US $25 (or QAR 91) non-refundable, administrative fee is assessed payable with the first installment of the term. QF does not charge interest on the due balance for those participating in the IPP.