Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI)

The Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council was established in 2018 with the aim of driving research, development, and innovation efforts in line with Qatar’s national vision and development strategies. QRDI 2030 emphasizes the importance of scientific research as a key component of Qatar’s RDI ecosystem. 

QRDI 2030 promotes the development and support of scientific research, including basic research, applied research, and experimental development. It encourages investigator-led research projects, collaboration with government and industry, the establishment of academic centers of excellence, and the development of government-led research labs and institutes to serve specific national priority areas.
QRDI has prioritised a full program suite over the next four years to achieve its QRDI 2030 vision.

Academic Research Program

Program Purpose: Support R&D institutions to conduct research that generates new knowledge, furthers scientific understanding, and supports the education of graduate-level students.

Target Audiences: Local Universities and Research Institutions

Academic Research Grant (ARG)

ARG is designed to support investigator-led R&D aimed at generating new knowledge and furthering scientific understanding in topics broadly aligned with any of the national RDI priority areas available at (link). Furthermore, it aims to enhance Qatar’s reputation and contributions to the global stock of knowledge and contribute to the enhancement of capabilities of the research talent pool.

Applicant Eligibility

  • The LPI must be a full-time affiliate of an approved submitting institution inside Qatar. 
  • An eligible LPI must hold a terminal degree as defined by the list of terminal degrees.
  • The LPI can submit one application only in this call. In addition, the count of an individual’s participation in this call, as an LPI or PI, must not exceed three roles.

Priority Areas

Broadly aligned with any of the national priority areas

Budget And Duration

  • QAR 900,000 (246,561 USD) per year, up to 3 years. 
  • At least 80% of the total annual budget and 65% of the effort should be expended inside Qatar. 

National Research Program

Program Purpose: Support R&D institutions to conduct R&D activities that are primarily directed towards solving national challenges and addressing national priorities

Target Audiences: Local Universities & Research Institutions

Food Security Call (MME)

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), part of Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council (QRDIC) in partnership with the Ministry of Municipality (MoM), is launching the fourth cycle of the joint call on Food Security.  This call aims to address some of the priorities identified within Qatar’s Food Security Strategy 2018-2023. 

The key objective of this call are:

  • Enhancing food security measures in Qatar through investing in applied research into the main pillars of Qatar’s National Food Security Strategy.
  • Harnessing local and external expertise and knowledge in Food Security related science and technology to develop solutions for the local Qatari conditions.

Climate Change and Environment Call (CCEC)

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a division of Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council (QRDIC) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC), is launching the first cycle of the joint call on Climate Change.  This call aims to address some of the priorities identified within Qatar’s National Environment and Climate Change Strategy.  

The main objective of the call is to enhance the environmental sustainability and measures to combat the effects of climate change in Qatar through funding impactful research projects that promise tangible outcomes.

Research Talent Program

Program Purpose: Develop, retain and attract a strong base and a strong pipeline of research talent in Qatar

Target Audiences: Youth in Qatar (high school students, undergraduate students)Local and International individuals interested in an research career in Qatar

High School Research Experience (HSREP)

HSREP aims to foster a research culture and develop research capacity by promoting “Learning by Doing” and “Hands-On” research as effective methods of supporting high school education. Outstanding students with passion for research will have the opportunity to pursue and develop their research skills by working on innovative projects addressing Qatar’s needs under the supervision of qualified academic mentors. 

The program will help entice the students to a future research career and prepare them to become candidates for other QRDIC funded programs. Mentors will contribute to the students’ development and personal growth and may be able to recruit them as undergraduates at their respective institutions. In addition, HSREP aims to link high school students to local universities and research institutions and help raise the calibre of high school research.

Undergraduate Research Experience (UREP)

UREP offers students and mentors opportunities to build their research experience and portfolios, especially in the QRDI national areas at link. After participating in a UREP project, students can become potentially strong candidates for other QRDI funding programs in the future, and mentors can build their research programs while simultaneously supporting student development and personal growth.

Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA)

GSRA enables local eligible institutions to support prospective faculty and researchers through a competitive sponsorship program. Graduate candidates will gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to become future research and development leaders in Qatar. The program provides sponsorships to undertake research-based graduate studies towards masters or doctoral degrees through two tracks: GSRA local and GSRA international.

Best Representative Image of an Outcome (BRIO)

The Best Representative Image of an Outcome (BRIO) is a competition for selecting stimulating images that represent outcomes of QRDI funded research. The competition aims to showcase research outcomes funded by QRDI and utilize them in QRDI’s public channels, encourage visual communication of science and research outcomes, and recognize exceptional talents in capturing and showcasing images and illustrations.