Alumni Grant

This is an annual grant of 2500 USD offered to all alumni.

The alumni grant program aims to create an alumni engagement pipeline making sure that our alumni are connected to the university in various manners, in addition to our usual engagement tools. For our Alumni Grant protocol, eligibility and guidelines find the link here.  For more information please contact our Alumni office.

In AY2022 awardee was Khadija Khadija Khozema Safri  – Mogri GDES ’11 for her project Digital Accessibility.

Support Grants

One time grants offered for alumni who need support to pursue a professional development opportunity. Alaa Al Barazy MFA ’22 received a grant to showcase his MFA thesis work at the MENA GRAD SHOW this November representing VCUQ. Sidra Suhail FASH ‘21 received a one-time grant to be used toward partially covering the cost of the materials’ shipping expenses of her MFA Thesis work.

Alumni Grant Testimonials

Awardees List to date

Awardees List:

2019: Mohamad Jawad and Rabab Khabab.

2020 Spring semester: Othman Khunji and Wajiha Pervez.

2020 Fall Semester: Yeon Geong Hwang.

2021: Starting AY2021 the grant is offered once a year only with the amount of 2500 USD, Nia Campbel won the award in 2021.

2022: Khadija Moghri.

Wajiha Pervez:

The grant enabled me to take a 10- week circular economy program with some leading circular economy industry mentors under the Ellen McArthtur Foundation. Lessons from the program are a valuable knowledge bank for my continued circular fashion PhD. research.

Othman Khunji:

This grant aided in the ongoing process in producing a solar powered, self-sustainable, medium sized prototype which is necessary whilst presenting the proposal to demonstrate functionality of the concept. In addition to sourcing the necessary materials such as solar panels, led lights, marble, 3D printing services, stainless steel and production means in general.

Yeon Hwang:

The grant was the reason I could get the specifications required to initiate the Virtual Reality programs. Ever since receiving the grant, I have been able to explore the world of Virtual Reality and learn to work with drawing and creating a world in it.