VCUarts Qatar offers you opportunities to cross-register for courses at other universities within Education City.  

This means that while you’re a student at VCUarts Qatar, you can take classes at other Education City universities, such as Northwestern University in Qatar (NUQ), Georgetown University in Qatar (GUQ) or Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMUQ). 

Similarly, students from other universities can also cross-register for classes at VCUarts Qatar, attending sessions with you as well. 

Cross-registration is an exciting opportunity to hear and experience the perspectives of students from other disciplines!

All cross-registered courses carry the same rigor and standards as any of the other courses you would take at VCUarts Qatar, and add to your university credits. 

Some examples of cross-registration courses that were offered in the past include: Alternative Media in the Middle East, Intercultural and International Communication, and Video Production.

You can read about the experiences of a Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) student who cross-registered at VCUarts Qatar, and a story about a VCUarts Qatar student who registered at Georgetown University in Qatar

This is just one of the benefits of studying in a multiversity environment that is home to seven other branch campuses of some of the world’s best universities, and another homegrown university, in addition to VCUarts Qatar.

For instance, you can benefit from research opportunities offered by other universities, Qatar Foundation, and Qatar Foundation’s entities.

Student life at VCUarts Qatar is further enriched by collaborative workshops, boot camps, and competitions that regularly take place across the Education City campus. To read more about student life and extra-curricular activities in Education City, please click here.

For more information about cross-registration courses please contact [email protected]