Career Services

Our mission is to bridge VCUarts Qatar with the art and design industry, by providing goal-oriented career development strategies that prepare our students to be change makers in the local, regional, and global economy.

Through self-exploration, experiential learning, and student-centered advising, we promote innovative and critical thinking strategies in order to enable students to maintain a sustainable career in a competitive global landscape. We champion and cultivate community partnerships that engage key stakeholders, including students, faculty, the community, and industry leaders.

Career Services at a Glance in the 2023-2024 Academic Year
  • 139 student employment positions on campus
  • 90+ student employees 
  • 66 faculty & staff supervisors
  • 50+ local career opportunities posted for students and alumni on the opportunities page.
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Career development is an ongoing journey; it is not a one-time event.

It’s a cycle that begins early in your collegiate career and continues throughout your academic and professional life. When you meet with a VCUarts Qatar Career Services adviser, you’ll work together to determine your place in the cycle.

As a VCUarts Qatar student, you have access to a variety of career resources, including individual career advising, workshops, job search resources and guides, and full- and part-time job listings posted specifically for VCUarts Qatar talent to help you navigate every step of your personal career and professional development.

How we can help

VCUarts Qatar Career Services helps students:

  • Determine personal values, skills, and interests to make viable career decisions. 
  • Understand and develop their professional identity. 
  • Become lifelong learners who utilize their research skills to be attentive to labor and industry trends.
  • Enrich their academic learning experience with professional development opportunities that include soft skills that are needed in a 21st century global marketplace. 
  • Create, manage, and leverage professional relationships effectively. 
  • Connect them to professional experts and advisers to facilitate their professional development from student to innovative leader. 
  • Advocate and articulate their professional vision.


If you’re looking for general advice, we are here for you. Our Alumni Relations office is also available to help you. For more information, please contact Nancy Ahmed at [email protected].

How we can help

We are proud of our VCUarts Qatar alumni and want to continue supporting you in your future endeavors. In coordination with the Alumni Relations office, Career Services can help alumni identify post-graduate opportunities, explore career options, and develop action plans. We can also assist with strategizing your job search, resume reviews, and mock interviews.

How you can participate

You have been in the same position as many of our current students and you have wisdom to share with those just starting out. Throughout the year, we have programs that you may consider participating in as a member of our alumni network to share your experience. 


If you’re looking for the best in emerging creative talent, you’ve come to the right place.

Creativity and innovation are globally needed skills. Fortunately, VCUarts Qatar students have it in abundance.

At VCUarts Qatar, we nurture students who can think critically and find the most creative design solutions available. Our students graduate with at least one significant internship or experiential learning opportunity. This ensures that our students are able to bridge the gap between student work and professional work before they graduate.

Our community is truly international. Our faculty and administration staff represent 15 countries while our student body and alumni represent more than 40 countries/nationalities. VCUarts Qatar is committed to a globally diverse learning environment to foster the growth of collaborative opportunities and international partnerships.

How you can participate

As an employer you can support our students by:

  • Posting job ads or internship opportunities for students and alumni on our opportunities page.
  • Participating in the Education City Internships & Career Fair, and promoting your company on our campus.
  • Hosting an Intern or providing job shadowing experience.
  • Offering mentorship and networking opportunities.

Services for Employers

As an employer and partner, you will be able to:

  • Market your company/organization with promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, and related recruiting and advertising materials for students.
  • Work with faculty to offer constructive critiques of students’ work as they finalize their senior portfolios, reels, and presentations.
  • Deliver on campus presentations with information on career development, internships, and employment opportunities.


To connect with a member of the VCUarts Qatar Career Services, please email:
 [email protected].