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Tuition & Fees

UNDERGRADUATE – Academic Year 2023-24

The amounts listed below apply only to students who started their current degree-program studies at VCUarts Qatar in Fall 2019 or after, as well as to students who cross-register at VCUarts Qatar during Summer terms. Students should anticipate an increase in tuition/fee each academic year. 

Students who started their current degree-program studies at VCUarts Qatar prior to Fall 2019 may verify their respective “Tuition/Fee Block” at the VCUarts Qatar Intranet.

FULL TIME ENROLLMENT – Enrolled for 12-18 credits per semester*
Tuition$ 16,212QAR 59,011.68 
Comprehensive Fee$ 493.50QAR 1,796.34 
*A per-credit surcharge is levied if registered for more than 18 credits in a given semester.  
PART TIME ENROLLMENT – Enrolled for 1-11 credits per semester*
Tuition$ 1,296.96QAR 4,720.93
Comprehensive Fee$ 83.-QAR 302.12

GRADUATE – Academic Year 2023-24

The amounts listed below apply only to students who started their current degree-program studies at VCUarts Qatar in Fall 2019 or after.

FULL TIME ENROLLMENT – Enrolled for 9-15 credits per semester
Tuition$ 14,308.50QAR 52,082.94 
Comprehensive Fee$ 493.50QAR 1,796.34 
PART TIME ENROLLMENT – Enrolled for 1-9 credits per semester
Tuition $ 1,574.-QAR 5,729.36
Comprehensive Fee $ 83.-QAR 302.12 


The refund/reduction/proration policy in place at VCUarts Qatar mirrors the policy at the home campus, VCU, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

  • No tuition/fee charges are levied during the Add/Drop Period.
  • Refunds are computed based on the actual withdrawal date/time, per the student-initiated, completed Withdrawal Process, as recorded by the Office of Enrollment and Registration Services. 
  • Refunds/reductions/pro-rations are made only to students who have completed the required withdrawal procedure, whether they have attended the class or not. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request corrections to errors on the student’s schedule. 
  • Students who are enrolled in the maximum number of credit hours (18) and withdraw up to the minimum credit hours considered as full-time enrollment (12) do not receive a refund/reduction.
  • A full refund of tuition and applicable fees for short courses (less than six weeks in length) will be granted if the course is dropped by the end of the first day of a given class. Partial refunds are not granted for short courses.
  • Exceptions to this refund policy are made only in rare instances based upon extenuating circumstances. Written application for such exceptions must be filed with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Refund/Reduction Schedule
Drop / Withdrawal PeriodReductionStudent Pays
Drop prior to end of Add/Drop Period100%0%
Withdraw second week of classes80%20%
Withdraw third week of classes60%40%
Withdraw fourth week of classes40%60%
Withdraw after fourth week of classes0%100%


Students who fail to make the required payment or clear their due balances by the due date may be assessed a Late Fee or have a “Hold” placed on their student record. Holds deny students from registration for courses in a future academic term, prevent access to midterm or final grades, prevent the issuance of degree-certificates and transcripts, etc. Once placed, holds can be released only after a student has cleared all due balances owed to the Qatar Foundation, VCU, or VCUarts Qatar.