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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is the perfect start to your VCUarts Qatar career. 

The goal of the program is to introduce incoming students to a new academic environment and help them adjust to campus life. This includes information about how best to succeed at VCUarts Qatar, and the academic, social, and cultural aspects of the institution they will be attending. The program typically includes a range of activities such as campus tours, meetings with enrollment and academic advisors, and presentations by current students and faculty members. Orientation also covers topics of campus safety, student support services, and academic expectations. Additionally, orientation provides an opportunity for students to meet other new students and begin building relationships with their peers. Overall, the objectives of new student orientation are to ease the transition to college life, provide necessary information, and foster a sense of community among incoming students.

International students also have several requirements to move to Qatar. These include the steps for obtaining a residence permit, among other requirements. We are also able to finalize details regarding their mandatory Health Insurance and Hamad Medical Card requirements, as well as other logistics related to establishing residency in Qatar.