Returning Students

Returning Students Applying for Re-Admission

  • Deadline for returning students applying for re-admission to Art Foundation: January 15. Late applications may be considered on a space availability basis. 
  • Deadline for returning students applying for readmission to Graphic Design, Interior Design, Painting + Printmaking, or Art History: May 15.
  • Re-admission is not guaranteed. 
  • Questions related to re-admission should be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.
  • Application for re-admission is available from Greet Provoost, Assistant Dean, Enrollment and Registration Services, at the Office of Records and Registration.

Important Notes for Re-Admission

  • Application for Re-Admission
  • Essay
  • Updated official university transcripts, listing coursework completed since leaving VCUarts Qatar, if any.
    • Transcripts issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official English language translation.
  • Course descriptions of all courses completed if having attended university elsewhere since leaving VCUarts Qatar. 
  • Course descriptions are 1 or 2 paragraph statements describing the course, as posted in the university’s official catalog or bulletin.
  • International Credential Evaluation (of all higher education work completed at a non-US university outside of the USA).
    • An assessment of your academic credentials as compared to the US. This ensures that your academic credentials are properly recognized for admission and transfer credit.
    • Report must contain a “course-by-course” evaluation of your higher education academic credentials (as opposed to a “document-by-document” assessment).
    • VCUarts Qatar strongly recommends the use of World Education Services (WES) for credential evaluations.
  • Updated English language proficiency scores.
    • Only for students who are reapplying after being academically suspended from VCUarts Qatar, and who were not enrolled at VCUarts Qatar during the past three years.
  • An in-person interview may be requested at the discretion of the faculty.
  • Art Portfolio with design work improvements and design work completed during the time away from VCUarts Qatar (For BFA only).