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Mission Statement

At the Writing Center, we provide one-on-one consultations, writing resources, in-class workshops, and a comfortable place to write. Our philosophy begins with conceiving of writing as a process of invention, drafting, and revision. Though this process is not always linear and direct, writers benefit from thoughtful responses and supportive instruction. In our consultations, we engage in a dialogue with writers to help them develop their writing and become more effective and confident in their work.

Since our mission is to empower writers, we do not work for them but with them. For this reason, we do not copy-edit papers but instead teach writers self-proofreading skills. We do this through dialogue, error pattern analysis, and the teaching of strategies to identify and improve upon writing weaknesses.

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Writing Instructors

Nicole Abiad 250

Nicole Abiad – View Bio
Session strengths: organization, big-picture planning, clarity

Neihan Yaqoob Writing Center Instructor 250

Neihan Yaqoob – View Bio
Session strengths: fear-free writing, design-based thinking, meaning-making 


Rooms 390 b, c, and d.

Each session is 45 minutes in length.

Yes. Appointments are required.

Yes! We can help you at any point in the writing process.

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Rooms 390 b, c, and d

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