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The liberal arts and sciences are crucial to a well-rounded education, providing students with knowledge and skills that are essential for personal and professional growth. By studying the liberal arts and sciences, students develop critical thinking, cultural awareness, communication skills, creativity, empathy, and personal growth, all valuable assets in today’s changing world. These skills are crucial for navigating complex issues to make informed decisions.

VCUarts Qatar’s Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) program fosters a deeper understanding of the world’s cultures, histories, and traditions, and encourages students to think creatively and explore new ideas. Here, students learn to question assumptions, analyze evidence, and engage in rigorous and independent thinking.

How does studying LAS help aspiring artists and designers?

Liberal arts and sciences courses are particularly valuable for artists and designers. They help develop a deeper understanding of human nature and society. For example:

  • Studying history can provide artists with insights into the cultural and societal contexts that shaped previous artistic movements.
  • Courses such as mathematics and logic can teach students how to approach problems and develop solutions systematically.
  • Communication and writing can help students effectively articulate their ideas and intentions.
  • Studying natural and physical sciences opens students’ minds to the complexities of the world and enable analytical thinking.


As a VCUarts Qatar student, you will engage in the ConnectED general education curriculum. 

ConnectED expands the horizons of students, both inside and outside the classroom. You can find more information at

ConnectEd Curriculum Requirements

Foundations of Learning requirements

Foundations of Learning courses ensure a solid basis in competencies and skills, setting you up for success in the classroom and beyond.

These skills include:

  • Communicative fluency
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Global and cultural responsiveness
  • Information literacy
  • Problem-solving (critical and creative)
  • Quantitative literacy

Areas of Inquiry requirements

As the main organizational structure behind ConnectED, the Areas of Inquiry introduce students to a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, building essential core skills.

The Areas of Inquiry are:

  • Creativity, innovation, and aesthetic inquiry
  • Diversities in the human experience
  • Global perspectives
  • Scientific and logical reasoning

The Breadth of Knowledge requirements

The Breadth of Knowledge requirements ensure that, as part of your general education experience, you have an introduction to and understanding of three distinct areas:

  • Humanities and fine arts
  • Natural sciences
  • Social behavior sciences

These subject areas align with VCU’s accreditation body (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) and its requirements for general education programs.

Our People

V A Placeholder

Patty Paine
Director of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Byrad Yyelland Associate Professor 250

Dr. Byrad Yyelland
Associate Professor

V A Placeholder

Dr. Diana G. Woodcock
Associate Professor, English

Dr. Jesse Ulmer Associate Professor, English 250

Dr. Jesse Gerlach Ulmer
Associate Professor, English

Dr. Jörg Matthias Determann Associate Professor, History 250

Dr. Jörg Matthias

Professor, History

Dr. Khaled Saoud Professor, Physics 250

Dr. Khaled Saoud
Teaching Assistant & Academic Support Coordinator

Dr. Robert Bianchi Associate Professor 250

Dr. Robert Bianchi
Associate Professor

Dr. Ryad Ahmad Ghanam
Professor, Mathematics

Please Let Me Know If You Have Any Questions.

Dr. Summer Bateiha
Professor, Mathematics

Anna Nigmatulina 250

Anna Nigmatulina
Content Writer, Editor, & Proofreader

Khawla Kittaneh Adjunct Faculty 250

Khawla Kittaneh
Adjunct Faculty

Khoulood Sakbani Adjunct Faculty 250

Khoulood Sakbani
Adjunct Faculty

V A Placeholder

Lina Farag
Research Assistant

V A Placeholder

Maha Matalkeh
Research Assistant

Marynol Amat Administrative Business Coordinator 250

Marynol Amat
Administrative Business Coordinator

V A Placeholder

Michael Messmer
Adjunct Faculty

Robin Fetherston Assistant Professor, English 250

Robin Fetherston
Assistant Professor, English

Rola Alsoubaihi 250

Rola Al Soubaihi
Adjunct Faculty

V A Placeholder

Sadia Mir
Associate Professor, English

V A Placeholder

Tamara Al-Abdi
Adjunct Faculty

Meet our Faculty

Students learn from LAS faculty who are accomplished scholars in diverse disciplines, from creative writing and nanotechnology to Lie algebra and linguistics. These faculty have created a fruitful transaction between their teaching and research and the reciprocal manner in which they inform each other. Some of their outstanding and impactful research can be explored here:

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An Award-winning Children’s Book

Congratulations to Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Summer Bateiha and Associate Professor of English Sadia Mir, whose book “Spring Bloom” has won joint first prize in the General category at the Purple…

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Inspiring Hope in the Face of Climate Change

Words, when written with conviction that comes from experience, have the power to inspire – no matter how grave the truth they convey. A book written by a VCUarts Qatar…

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Jesse 2023 Web Copy1

Music from the Films of Joel and Ethan Coen

Dr. Jesse Ulmer, Associate Professor of English and American Film from our Liberal Arts & Sciences department, is the author of a new book, titled, “The Coen Brothers and American Roots Music”…

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HH Sheikha Moza Wears Design by VCUarts Qatar Fashion Student

Combining arts and science, VCUarts Qatar fashion design student Noor Rashid Butt’s designed an abaya using fabric that has been treated using nanotechnology. It was worn by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser on National Sport Day…

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For more information about the ConnectEd Curriculum:

Zeyad Yousef Bateiha
Director of Academic and Career Advising
mail to: [email protected]

Patty Paine
Director of Liberal Arts & Sciences
mail to: [email protected]