Art Foundation


VCUarts Qatar’s Art Foundation is a one-year mandatory program intended for students who wish to pursue one of our Bachelor of Fine Art programs.

The program aspires to teach creative thought through projects and lectures, alongside training of skills and craftsmanship.


The curriculum is centered around experiential learning, providing a stimulating environment where students can push their boundaries and explore their creativity. The program comprises four core studio courses – Drawing, Surface, Space, and Time – that form the foundational pillars of contemporary art and design. Short introductory courses to each BFA program are also included in the curriculum.

The Art Foundation program is a platform for experimentation where students can explore various techniques, practices, and ideas. Students take two core studio courses in the fall semester and the remaining two in the spring. The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the BFA programs and the contemporary art and design industry. 

The curriculum also features additional courses, such as Survey of Art and Focused Inquiry. These courses cover the history and development of the visual arts and introduce various topics, including critical thinking, oral presentation, collaborative learning, as well as social and civic responsibilities.

In addition to our experienced and distinguished faculty, the program hosts highly acclaimed artists and designers from around the world who provide students with unique insights and perspectives, enriching their creative experiences and adding to the program’s contemporary and cutting-edge approach to design.

At the end of the freshman year, students select their preferred BFA major and progress to the sophomore year upon successfully completing the Art Foundation Program.

Program Requirements

Plan of Study

Course Descriptions

Our People

Simone Muscolino Director Of Art Foundation 250x250

Simone Muscolino
Director of Art Foundation

Jesse Payne Associate Professor 250

Jesse Payne
Associate Professor

Maysaa Almumin 250

Maysaa Almumin
Associate Professor

Nathan Davis Associate Professor 250

Nathan Davis
Associate Professor

Ryan Browning Associate Professor 250

Ryan Browning
Associate Professor

Hadeer Omar 250

Hadeer Omar
Assistant Professor

Kamala Rajendran Manojchandran

Kamala Rajendran
Administrative Business Specialist

V A Placeholder

Leyla Tawfiq
Adjunct Faculty

Place Holder Staff Faculty 250x250 1

Tiaba Nazir
Studio Teaching Assistant

V A Placeholder

Fatima Nazir
Studio Teaching Assistant

V A Placeholder

Amira Yasser Mohamed
Studio Teaching Assistant

V A Placeholder

Karmina Asaad
Studio Teaching Assistant