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The annual VCUarts Qatar BFA + MFA Exhibition features the thesis projects of the graduating students from our BFA and MFA programs. It is a celebration of the creative achievements of our graduating students and provides the opportunity to preview Qatar’s emerging talent in the fields of graphic, fashion and interior design, painting and printmaking, and design. 

The imaginative and inspiring work of the Class of 2023 can be found at this link: https://ex.qatar.vcu.edu/bfa-mfa-thesis-2023.

Previous BFA + MFA Exhibitions 


BFA + MFA 2022 Exhibition

Design for inclusivity, homelessness, conflict, cultural conservation, third culture kids, mental well-being, nationality and identity, social hierarchies, and sustainable modular furniture, were some of the themes that have been examined by 2022’s graduates, and took place from May 9-17 when the exhibition made a welcome return to our campus for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

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BFA + MFA 2021 Online Exhibition

The BFA+MFA 2021 Online Exhibition included outstanding and imaginative works on a fascinating and engaging range of subjects, including gender stereotyping, cultural conservation in Qatar, third culture kids, mental well-being, nationality and identity, social hierarchies, design for the aging, and homelessness. The online exhibition was an opportunity for industry professionals, prospective students and their parents, and the general public to connect with an exciting new generation of artists and designers who were emerging from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic with new ideas and in-demand skills that were honed both by their experiences before and during the lockdown, and from their collaborations with the tier one design professionals, artists, and academics that form an integral part of the unique educational experience at VCUarts Qatar.

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