VCUarts Qatar Funding

Faculty Research and Scholarship Development Program (FRDP)

The VCUarts Qatar Faculty Research and Scholarship Development Program (FRDP) offers and administers competitive funding for faculty-driven research and scholarship projects. Internal opportunities include exploration grants for pilot projects, research development grants, and publication subvention grants. The program is explicitly established to foster the development of nationally or internationally peer-reviewed scholarly and/or creative work. The program seeks to advance the University as a community of nationally and internationally recognized scholars and researchers in the arts, humanities, and sciences. The program provides funding to support all stages of research, from initial exploration to production and dissemination.

Faculty Research Grant – Exploratory (FRG-E)

The FRG-E provides seed funding to support research and scholarship explorations at the early developmental stage, wherein a specific outcome has not yet been identified.

Faculty Research Grant (FRG)

The FRG provides funding to support the later or final stages of research for which outcomes are identified or the development of scholarship to be disseminated, through peer-review, such as a gallery, conference, or festival has been determined. FRGs are awarded for research activities with confirmed outcomes. Preference will be given to proposals with confirmed peer review dissemination.

Faculty Research Grant – Collaborative

The FRG-C provides funding support for research activities with faculty from VCUarts Qatar working in collaboration with EC branch campuses. This grant supports activities aligned with QNRF Priority Themes and will target topics that serve the community in Qatar. FRG-C grants are awarded for research activities with identified research outcomes wherein peer-reviewed dissemination may still need to be confirmed.FRG-C grants are intended to assist faculty in developing research that could lead to external funding opportunities.

Faculty Research Grant – Undergraduate Research Mentorship (FRG-U)

The program promotes Learning by Doing and Hands-On mentorship activities as effective methods for undergraduate education.  Students gain valuable experience working with faculty on research activities. The grant maximizes faculty-student interaction and enhances the learning experiences of undergraduate students by encouraging faculty members to integrate students into their ongoing scholarly and professional activities.

Subvention Grants Program

This grant supports the publication of book-length scholarly manuscripts that a publisher has accepted on their merits but that cannot be published in the most desirable form without a subsidy.  Application is ongoing and is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Research Impact Grant

This grant supports high-impact, peer-reviewed dissemination of faculty research on a rolling basis. Forms of dissemination may include (but are not limited to) exhibitions, performances, festivals, symposia, and presentations. This fund only supports highly impactful and visible peer-reviewed dissemination at recognized, reputable venues within a discipline. Dissemination must be confirmed, and the opportunity must fall outside an FRG cycle. This fund does not support activities that Faculty PD funds may cover.

Adjunct Faculty Research Grant

This grant supports research and creative and scholarly activities undertaken by adjunct faculty at VCUarts Qatar. The adjunct faculty grant funds all stages of research, from initial exploration to production and dissemination. Grants are awarded based on the merit and clarity of the research activity’s aims, objectives, and outcomes in alignment with the faculty’s research trajectory.

Student Research Development Program

Graduate Creative Impact Fellowship

The Graduate Creative Impact Fellowship promotes student-driven scholarly investigations and creative, practice-based inquiry. Focused on local industry and impact, this fellowship supports students as they prepare to develop and build toward potential career paths driven by studio investigations.