Strategic Partnerships

VCUarts Qatar has, since its establishment, worked collaboratively with local, regional and international institutions to create mutually beneficial outcomes as part of our commitment to the Qatar National Vision 2030 and UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals. Many of our partnerships form part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which institutions seek support from our creative resources and research methods. Through our strategic partnerships we aim to drive positive change for the benefit of society, and initiate effective  impact in human and economic development and innovation.

Engaging with community and industry is the crucial third pillar of our mission, along with education and research. To this effect, we have established a number of strategic partnerships that further the university mission to provide excellence in arts and design education and research, and that prepare our graduates to contribute to the development of Qatar, the region and the world we live in. Strategic partnerships continue to be integral to our success. 

Our collaborations with industry and government partners from various sectors focus on shared commitment and competencies to create value for both parties. Together with our partners we co-create opportunities in the areas of real-life experiences, skills supply, learning, research and innovation.

Strategic Partnership Opportunities:

There are many ways that your organization can actively engage with VCUarts Qatar.

  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Pre-university outreach initiatives  
  • Community and Continuing Education
  • Curriculum-based student projects with involvement from partner
  • Industry sponsored research initiatives 
  • Conferences, workshops, lectures, and hackathons
  • Internships and employment opportunities

Partner with VCUarts Qatar and make a lasting impact to art and design education and to Qatar’s art and design community

Our Strategic Partners

We value all our partners’ commitment towards creative and innovative academic and research practice. Partnering with us provides real-world and in-class opportunities and valuable practical knowledge for VCUarts Qatar students and alumni.

A few words from our valued partners

“Over the past 25 years, an entire generation of aspiring talent has discovered inspiration, developed skills, and forged a career path at VCUarts Qatar. I congratulate VCUarts Qatar on its quarter century of indispensable achievements in helping to grow Qatar’s creative ecosystem.”

H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
Chairperson, Qatar Museums

“Congratulations to VCUarts Qatar on its 25th anniversary, a true testament to the extraordinary value your organization brings as a partner university at Qatar Foundation—supporting the vision of our leadership and fostering a strong innovative economy. At Doha Film Institute, we are proud of the work we have done with VCUarts Qatar to nurture and build the creative skills of young professionals in our nation’s film industry. This partnership has played an instrumental role in producing an outstanding pool of talent that we are confident will further strengthen Qatar’s position as a global film hub. We wish VCUarts Qatar the very best in their journey forward and commend their focus on advancing Qatar’s artistic and creative industries.”

Fatma Al Remaihi
Chief Executive Officer,Doha Film Institute


Aeb 2023 6094

It is my absolute honor to support the young minds of tomorrow through my partnership with VCUarts Qatar. This institution has produced many leaders in their respective design fields who are the catalysts for change. The work of these individuals strengthens the economy by bringing innovation through advanced creative thinking.
I would like to congratulate VCUarts Qatar on its 25th anniversary and am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the institution.’

Ibrahim Mohamed Jaidah
CEO & Chief Architect, Arab Engineering Bureau

“At Msheireb, we believe that driving change cannot be accomplished without fostering meaningful partnerships. As partners with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU-Q), we bring that belief to life in the service of developing Qatar’s economy. Together with VCU-Q, we will unlock new opportunities and empower new generations”

Ali Al Kuwari
Chief Executive Officer, Msheireb Properties 

“Social inclusion is not just about creating a welcoming and inclusive society; it is about unlocking the untapped potential of every individual. When we embrace social inclusion through Best Buddies club at VCU, we unleash the power of diversity, foster empathy and understanding, and build stronger communities. It is through genuine connections and shared experiences of students at VCU and our buddies at Best Buddies Qatar that we truly flourish, breaking down barriers and creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute their unique gifts.”

Rania Abou Ghaida
Program and Activities Researcher, Best Buddies Qatar

“Our collaboration with VCUart Qatar has revealed the power of art in transforming individuals by connecting them to the shared human experience. The value of our partnership lies in the shared commitment to building connections, understanding, and trust. Through our work together, we have made a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.”

Dr Waseem Kotoub
Country Director, British Council- Qatar

“The collaborative journey between KAC/Studio 7, and Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar has been a remarkable fusion of artistic vision and educational excellence. Through this partnership, we have witnessed the transformative power of creativity, nurturing a new generation of talented artists and contributing to Qatar’s vibrant cultural landscape.”

Tariq Al-Jaidah 
Founder/CEO, Katara Art Center & Studio 7

“As the founder of FROMM. I am honored to contribute to the design community by empowering young designers in Qatar and appreciate the talent and readiness of VCUarts Qatar graduates and this was evident in our collaborations with Maryam Al Suwaidi, Noora Al Melhim and Abdulrahman Al Muftah. With a shared commitment to fostering creativity, we provide a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their designs locally and internationally. Together with VCUarts Qatar, we inspire the next generation of visionary talents.”

Alia Rachid
Founder, FROMM

“We extend our gratitude to VCUarts Qatar for their unwavering support and partnership throughout the years. Together, Years of Culture and VCUarts Qatar have achieved remarkable success and helped grow a new generation of talented artists and designers who will help the creative economy flourish in Qatar and the region. We are proud to be a part of their success story and look forward to many more partnerships and accomplishments.”

Aisha Ghanem Al Attiya
Director of Cultural Diplomacy Department, Chairperson Office Board Secretary

As a VCUQ alumni, I am very thrilled to continue collaborating with the school to better promote the design capabilities and creativity of our young designers that can help shape the future of design in Qatar.

Shaikha Al Sulaiti
Senior Manager, Doha Design District
Photo 2023 Sheikha

“Our partnership with VCUarts Qatar over the years has been invaluable to both our programming and our mission: to promote arts and culture between Qatar, the U.S. and the broader Arab and Islamic worlds. Through exhibitions and public programs, we’ve been able to deepen ties between our two institutions and the network of VCU faculty, alumni, and students in the U.S.

We are privileged to have had Board and team members, as well as fellows and interns who all come from the VCUQ community. Celebrating the innovation and design coming out of VCU-Q through the 2023 exhibition, Research Labs, an exhibition of posters by Bouthayna Al-Muftah during the 2022 FIFA World Cup QatarTM and 2021’s Cultural Fusion, has enabled both VCUarts Qatar and Qatar America Institute for Culture to reach broader audiences, for which we are grateful. We are honored and proud to call VCU-Q a trusted partner of QAIC and a contributor to its success.”

Fatima Al-Dosari, Executive Director
Qatar America Institute for Culture

“Working with VCUarts Qatar was an incredibly inspiring experience for its students and for everyone at W Doha. The partnership helped us better promote the nation’s burgeoning artistic scene through our ART29 space, to which we are fully committed, and enabled greater understanding of each other’s sectors and the real impact of committed collaboration.”

Wassim Daageh
General Manager, W Hotel

“Working alongside VCUarts Qatar has been an enriching experience for us at Abu Issa Holding. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of their students through internships and the introduction of the students’ work at Albahie Auction house. Our partnership reflects our shared commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and artistic expression in Qatar.

We are excited to continue working with VCUarts to enhance the ecosystem of the creative economy in Qatar. “

Ashraf Abuissa
Chairman, Abuissa Holding

“ I’m grateful for the exceptional support provided by VCU-Qatar to Doha Debates over the years–which truly embodies Qatar Foundation’s multiversity. Through their continuous commitment, VCU-Qatar has been instrumental in their students’ involvement with us, enriching our audiences with their diverse perspectives and contributing to the robust exchange of ideas and knowledge.”

Amjad Atallah
Managing Director, Doha Debates

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Program & Initiatives Spotlight

Discover how strategic partnerships are making a difference and what their impact is on students and programs at VCUarts Qatar. 

Vcuq Aeb Awards 28 1

AEB Award

The AEB Award, a prestigious accolade presented by the Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) in Qatar, recognizes outstanding achievements in Graphic and Interior Design, in addition to awards for Creative Achievement and Potential, which are granted to both senior and junior students. These awards aim to inspire and support junior students in realizing their potential, fostering leadership, and encouraging skill development throughout their senior year. AEB, an established architecture and design firm with over 55 years of history in Qatar, engages in diverse sectors such as engineering, construction, urban planning, architectural design, and interior design. These awards spotlight excellence in design and motivate students to excel in their future careers.

Qatar Usa 096 1

Cultural Fusion

“Cultural Fusion” is an exhibition organized by seven graphic design students from VCUarts Qatar to commemorate the Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture. This exhibition creatively highlights the cultural relationship between Qatar and the United States. The artwork showcased at the event represents an immersive sensory journey that explores the icons and ideals that define and unite the cultures of both countries. Each student contributed unique displays, ranging from depictions of iconic architectural sites, fashion styles, and playful combinations of online images symbolizing both nations. “Cultural Fusion” serves as an artistic celebration of the fusion of these two cultures and reflects the collaborative spirit between Qatar and the US in the fields of art, design, and innovation. The exhibition is part of a broader cultural program, the Qatar-US 2021 Year of Culture, which aims to promote understanding and appreciation of the cultural similarities and differences between the two nations through various events and exhibitions.

2023 3 16 Research Labs 014

QAIC Research Labs Exhibition

The Qatar America Institute for Culture presents “Research Labs,” an exhibition by VCUarts Qatar, running from February 2nd through summer 2023. As part of an annual exchange between VCUarts Richmond and VCUarts Qatar, this exhibition showcases pioneering projects from eleven teams of faculty, students, and alumni, spanning diverse fields like Arabic typography, art law, technology, graphic publishing, nanotechnology, pedagogy, product design, sound design, and statistical analysis, offering a comprehensive view of collaborative research endeavors.

File Photo Of A Vcuarts Qatar Community Outreach Class. Photo Courtesy Leila Natsheh

British Council CCE Collaboration

VCUarts Qatar, in collaboration with the British Council in Qatar, offered an enriching summer of artistic growth. The initiative included two key elements: the 2020 Creative Industries Online Workshops and the 2022 “Going Public” program. The Creative Industries Online Workshops provided art and design professionals, including VCUarts Qatar alumni, with career-enhancing courses led by experts like Oliver Basciano and Mary Cork. Meanwhile, the “Going Public” program empowered local artists with hands-on experience in creating public artworks through site visits, curator workshops, artist talks, and practical toolkits for budgeting and concept development. These endeavors showcase VCUarts Qatar’s commitment to cultivating a vibrant and informed artist community.

Our Partners