At VCUarts Qatar, our research enterprise drives innovation and creative exploration. Our unwavering focus lies in research that has a profound and positive influence on the development of Qatar.  We facilitate a collaborative environment that brings together academia and industry, promoting active collaboration among faculty, students, and alumni to undertake impactful projects. By tackling societal challenges, we actively contribute to advancements in art, design, and scholarly research. Our collective endeavors are aimed at making a lasting impact on Qatar’s development and meaningfully contributing to its progress.

Qatari Culture Through Language During World Cup 2022
Lu3’atna exhibition, a collaborative design project by Graphic Design and Liberal Arts and Sciences students mentored by Dr Rob Bianci and Professor Basma Hamdy, which celebrated arabic and football, April 2021. The project was funded by UREP, QNRF.

About the Research Office

The VCUarts Qatar Research Office provides comprehensive support for faculty and their creative projects. We collaborate closely with faculty to refine concepts, develop robust research designs, identify funding opportunities, and prepare compelling proposals, all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

To request research support from VCUarts Qatar, please contact us at [email protected].

The services offered by our Research Office include:

  1. Project Design: We assist in designing projects that meet the high standards expected by funding entities, while adhering to compliance requirements.
  2. Research Design: We provide guidance on research methodologies across various media, ensuring ethical implementation, comprehensive documentation, and accurate reporting.
  3. Partnership Development: We help identify and engage suitable partners to support, implement, or validate projects.
  4. Budget  Development: Our team assists in developing complex project budgets and shepherding the internal review process for proposal submission, ensuring compliance with financial regulations.
  5. Dissemination and Promotion: We assist in identifying appropriate venues and platforms to disseminate and promote artists’ research and creative scholarship, while ensuring compliance with intellectual property rights.

In addition to our services, VCU’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) offers valuable resources and support for faculty researchers, including guidance on compliance-related matters. Visit the Research Development page to access grantsmanship training, information on finding funding and collaborators, and more.

Stay informed about available opportunities, including grants, fellowships, and residencies, by clicking here.

Research Team

Dr. Diane Derr

Dr. Diane Derr
Associate Dean for Research and Development

Fikria El Kaouakibi Assistant Director Of Research 250

Fikria El Kaouakibi
Assistant Director of Research

Roshni Rajiv Kamat Tarcar Research Administration Coordinator 250

Roshni Rajiv Kamat
Research Administration Coordinator

Junita Patrick Senior Executive Administrator 250

Jovita Ann Pereira
Administrative and Research Coordinator