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Mapping Migration Memories

The project explored and extends intangible heritage through design and re-enactment.

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Things Seen

These artworks represent playfully imaginative objects and spaces that explore an aesthetically charged abstract narrative.

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Smart Block

Smart Block is a digital fabrication project exploring the potential of the Pauta Queen, a large scale clay 3D printer.

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Lu’3tna celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Arabic language. In particular, this project seeks to promote Qatar’s rich linguistic identity amongst Qataris and visitors in the run­up to the WC2022.

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J’ai Le Cafard

This short film addresses an Arab woman’s struggle to maintain an appearance of normality while struggling with depression.

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Fabrication of Nanosensor for the detection of Blood Glucose Levels in breath of diabetic patients

In this project, we propose the fabrication of a fast and responsive nanosensor capable of measuring a real-time blood glucose level.

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