Experience Life at VCUarts Qatar

You are more than a student at VCUarts Qatar; you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, business or community leader, future designer, artist, academic, historian, curator, change maker, and scholar discovering your passions, refining your skills, and learning more about what you can contribute to the world around you. Your journey in the arts comes to life at VCUarts Qatar.

Our campus is the perfect balance between inspiration, exceptional resources, and unique learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. It’s the kind of stimulating environment that unleashes imagination and originality, helping you grow. 

At VCUarts Qatar, your learning and experiences will extend beyond the campus and into the wider community, where the networks established by our alumni, faculty, and staff offer opportunities that will help you flourish well beyond your years studying with us.

Something for everyone

We’re proud of our multicultural environment that values collaboration and diversity. Our student population, representing 33 nationalities, benefits from a network of over a thousand graduates representing 60 nationalities, and the experience and dedication of faculty and staff drawn from nearly 30 countries.

VCUarts Qatar provides numerous opportunities for engagement! It is the place to visit to learn about the various clubs and organizations of interest to you. Whether you’re into environmentalism, social justice, anime, or sports, there is a club and leadership opportunity for you.

Can’t find what you like? Come to an event and start your own club over a hot cup of Karak tea! 

Are you curious? Explore these resources to learn more:

Student Activities and Engagement: Get Involved!

Clubs and Organizations

Multicultural Student Services

International Student Services

Practice your people skills

Are you keen to hone your leadership skills or learn to collaborate with other creatives in the community? Or perhaps you have specific ideas for an initiative that involves your peers? Then the Student Government Association or other club leadership positions are the place for you. You can learn about leadership by engaging in on-campus activities, or if you strive to make a wider impact, participate in community service and international service-learning trips to learn about what it takes to become a change maker. 

Check out these to learn more:

Student Activities and Engagement: Get Involved!

Student Leadership Development

Service Learning and Community Engagement

Personal Development and Counseling Services Peer Mentor Program

Student Life and Engagement Student Leadership Programs

Explore and experience more

As you progress in your studies, you will find exceptional art and design facilities and laboratories that will help take your creative vision to the next level on campus! The Arts and Design Library, Materials Library, Print Lab, Innovative Media Studios, and research initiatives like the xLab and Sonic Jeel, offer spaces where you can conduct research and take your ideas even further. Can’t find what you need? Come to an event and spark your own ideas!

Don’t forget to include a study abroad or exchange program experience in your university experience as well. Students at VCUarts Qatar can spend a semester or year on our home campus in Richmond, Virginia, USA, or another campus around the world. Students who study abroad say that it’s one of the best experiences of their lives!

Our Department of Academic and Career Advising can further help you make decisions about your academic path and in planning your future career.

Be part of a community

VCUarts Qatar is part of the larger and diverse close-knit community of Education City that houses eight universities representing leading educational institutions from around the world, along with technology parks, cultural institutions, service organizations, and innovative research centers, among others.

It is a multiversity, a multicultural campus where every institution is accessible to the community, allowing students’ life and learning to flourish. This is in an environment that is created to help you excel academically and personally, but also as a member of a broader community. 

Not only can students enroll in classes at other universities, but they also have, at their fingertips, state-of-the-art institutions, such as the Qatar National Library and Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, to help them prosper in their academic, professional, and social development.

Here, you can not only participate in the co-curricular activities offered by your university but also get involved in organizing wider community initiatives, collaborative events, and community service projects. Every exchange on the Education City campus is an opportunity to initiate dialogue and foster understanding for a more peaceful and prosperous world. 

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Multicultural Student Services

International Student Services

Personal Development and Counseling Services

Academic Accommodations and Disability Services