Cross Registration

Cross Registration at Education City

  • Education City (EC) students have a unique opportunity to gain depth and breadth by taking courses at other Education City universities. Students may Cross Register at:
    • Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
    • Georgetown University in Qatar
    • Northwestern University in Qatar 
    • Texas A&M University at Qatar
    • Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar
  • Each EC Partner University (EC-PU) identifies a number of courses that are open to Cross Registration each academic term.
  • VCUarts Qatar students comply with the academic policies, procedure, deadlines, etc. of the “host university” for any courses taken in Cross Registration status at another EC Partner University, while complying with all
  • VCUarts Qatar (“home university”) policies, procedures, deadlines, etc. for courses taken at VCUarts Qatar. 
  • VCUarts Qatar students pay “home university Tuition and Comprehensive Fee” for courses taken in Cross Registration status during Fall or Spring semesters. 
  • VCUarts Qatar students pay “host university Tuition and Fees” for courses taken in Summer or Winter sessions.
  • At the end of the academic term, the “host university” provides VCUarts Qatar with student’s official transcript of courses taken in Cross-Registration status. Students are then granted “transfer credit” for courses taken at the other EC-PU, provided the courses were pre-approved for transfer and successfully completed. 
  • Detailed information about Cross Registration, as well as a listing of How Courses at other EC-PU’s Transfer to VCUarts Qatar, is available from the VCUarts Qatar Intranet. (Section: Enrollment and Registration Services).