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Adriane De Souza 2024 Mfa
Boom Block, Concrete, Speakers, Leather

Adriane de Souza

Thcu Tcha Tcha: The Transformative Role of Funk

MFA in Design

Cultural disconnection and homesickness are part of expatriate life. My research investigates the transformative power of Brazilian Funk, which, for me, evokes restorative memories of home and life in Rio de Janeiro. 

Originating in North America, Funk made an exciting leap and found a new home in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. Over time, it has become firmly established and thoroughly Brazilianized, infused with local instruments and influences, leading to the emergence of a new genre of music known as Brazilian Funk.

Transplanted again, to Qatar, this work celebrates the migration of Funk through a combination of still images, concrete blocks, and sound, reflecting both Brazilian and Qatari elements and influences. The resulting exhibition offers a cultural translation of Funk in Doha, providing a unique exploration of identity and belonging, showcasing Funk’s vitality, adaptability, and transformative ability to create community through music.