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Fairy Tale Section, Mixed Media, 2022

Aisha Al-Nasser

Innovative Community Hub Addressing Segregation Among Construction Workers

Interior design

My interior design journey is centered on infusing each space with experimental ideas and creating challenges to inform my design thinking process. My design style is unconventional and unexpected because I enjoy experimenting with different forms. My journey as a designer has been a mix of struggle and success, with each challenge serving as an opportunity for growth and learning. I have embraced the obstacles I’ve faced, using them as fuel to push the boundaries of my creativity and innovation. I aim to add pleasure and a sense of purpose to every project, and I am passionate about designing environments that inspire and elevate others.

My thesis project is an innovative community hub envisioned as an adaptable, inclusive, and holistic space specifically crafted to address the issue of segregation among construction workers in Qatar. This project reflects my commitment to using design as a tool for social change and inclusivity.