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Blnd dark deck of cards, Rendering

Amna Al-Humaidi

BLND: Nothing but Cultural Differences 

بلند: اختلاف ثقافات لا اكثر

Graphic design

In my thesis, I delve into the impact of globalization on Qatari identity, focusing on contrasting archetypes: the “Typical Qatari” (TQ) embodying traditional Qatari values, and “Chicken Nuggets”, individuals characterized by foreign influences in their behaviors and beliefs. The objective of my project, “BLND”, is to foster a connection between these two groups by introducing a lighthearted card game. This game prompts players to make choices regarding music preferences, clothing styles, preferred cafes, and more, aiming to facilitate understanding between “TQ” and “CN”. My project aims to celebrate cultural blending and hybridization while also underscoring the importance of local values and traditions.