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BFA+ MFA Thesis 2024

Untitled Artwork
Threading Resilience, Digital Sketch, 2024

Dana Hamada

Immersive Edutainment Center focused on the cultural heritage of Palestinian Embroidery

Interior design

As a designer, I thrive on creating immersive spaces that blend diverse materials and techniques, like weaving and embroidery, to engage the senses. My passion extends to crafting furniture that prioritizes human-centric functionality, form, and expression. Narrative-driven design is a key interest of mine, evident in my creations which combine culture, functionality, innovation, and emotion to provoke thought and feelings. The displacement of Palestinians has caused profound shifts in cultural continuity.

 In my thesis, I explored the fusion of design and storytelling in the creation of a “Palestinian Embroidery Edutainment Center” in Jordan. This center aims to inspire the next generation of Palestinians to strengthen their emotional bond with Palestine. It features galleries, workshops for embroidery, tufting, and pottery, as well as a lecture hall, all designed to embody my narrative of resilience. This theme is underscored by the presence of the olive branch motif, serving as a symbol woven throughout the space, dedicated to the preservation of Palestinian embroidery.