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Laprem Cafe, Sketchup Rendering, 2023

Deema Al Emadi

Postpartum Retreat for Expatriate Mothers in Qatar

Interior design

As a designer, I find great joy in crafting spaces that exude warmth, promote connections, and honor individuality. My approach is centered on grasping the needs and desires of those who will inhabit the spaces, ensuring that each design reflects their unique identity while emphasizing comfort. Along my journey, I have encountered both obstacles and successes, with each experience enriching my perspective and igniting my passion for creating meaningful environments.

One project that holds significant importance in my portfolio is my thesis work – a postpartum retreat conceived as a holistic sanctuary devoted to the comfort and well-being of new mothers during their transition into motherhood. Through careful design choices and empathetic understanding, this retreat seeks to offer a nurturing refuge where mothers can find peace, replenish their spirits, and embrace the transformative journey of motherhood with tranquility and support.