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BFA+ MFA Thesis 2024

Untitled Artwork
Msheireb Downtown Night Scene, ink on paper and mixed digital media, 2022

Doaa Emam

Career Development Youth-Centered Edutainment Hub for the MENA Region – ريعان

Interior design

I am a Sudanese-born artist and designer who strives to narrate stories through designed spatial experiences. My childhood revolved around playing with and creating miniature dollhouses, which was the core of my imaginative journey. That innovative mindset transformed those miniature, playful dollhouses into experimental interior spaces. In my design process, I believe in the journey rather than the destination. My work is a collection of multimedia projects, including digital illustrations, hand sketching, 3D realistic renders, and physical model making. The signature characteristics of my work include organic forms and neutral colors, and it is described as experimental, naturalistic, bold, and contemporary.  

My BFA thesis reflects dedicated research, transformed into evidence-based design. As an interior designer, I aim to design spaces that serve as catalysts for creativity, motivation, inspiration, upliftment, and empowerment. My BFA thesis, titled “Ray’aan,” is a youth-centered edutainment hub, fostering a collective environment dedicated to holistic career development, future empowerment, and support for the youth of the MENA region.